Quarea 51
Quarea 51 by M. Kupfer
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#21   07 Jan 2012
Will download later but the map looks awesome.
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SW12 unregistered
#20   12 Apr 2010
I like this level. I always think Counter-Strike Source when I play this level. nice scenery, Foliage. My favorite kind of battling environment. Pretty cool effects too with the bridge. and there's a secret with getting the BFG. Run up there, then immediately run under the ladder to the other end of the wall. Don't worry, it's a foolproof method that won't give you bad luck.
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master_of_puppets unregistered
#19   30 Jan 2003
Along the lines of my opinion on his Quatrix map: very nice to FINALLY see some outdoor maps, which Q3 so sorely needed. Quite a creative map overall, though not, in my opinion, as good as quatrix.

PS-anybody notice we haven't seen any more posts from 280xz_79 after his royal telling-off?=P

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Nitebeat unregistered
#18   27 Jul 2002
Well I liked the looks of the map, but the gameplay spoiled it... =-/ nah it wasn't bad or anything, just.. something didn't feel right =)

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blakey unregistered
#17   04 Aug 2001
it was a very fun and exciting wow keep them commin

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Vic unregistered
#16   19 Dec 2000
A fun, orginal map. Or maybe I'm just sick of brown :)

Good item placement and flow. I really like the outdoor action in this map, and I'm hoping to see more like this.

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neonite unregistered
#15   31 Oct 2000

duh? did i miss something?

ugly? :I oh boy then i guess runtfest doesn't cut the cheese either right..? :)

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yo unregistered
#14   30 Sep 2000
now THIS is what i like 2 see. outdoors. y cant more people make q3a maps like this??? now granted, this map isnt the BEST, but its good, and i think its really good cuz it kinda started a trend, outdoor/grass type stuff. that is good. i say, scrap brown, and bring in green, outdoor environments to Q3a!!!!!!!

boo ya

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The Buzz unregistered
#13   08 Sep 2000
Sorry, I have to post something negative again today. But this map is ugly, except the UFO. Is there anybody really plying this thing?
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miles666 unregistered
#12   30 Aug 2000
hmmmmm.... i like it. haven't played 1/2 life for a year or more and thought i was having a flashback :D . the indoor areas are a little cramped but that just gives incentive to get outside fast. like the vines and the rj up to the regen as well...never go for the bfg so i don't know bout the grenades but i am glad they are there!
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PAT unregistered
#11   30 Aug 2000
That's a pretty good map. I'm really enjoying it. Keep on working that way...
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Andy unregistered
#10   30 Aug 2000
un mapa simplemente alucinante
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nakedape unregistered
#9   29 Aug 2000
i would agree that this map has a definate Half-Life feel ... this is a good thing, since it sets it apart from alot of other Q3 maps.

the detail throughout is great ... the computers and such (i have that keyboard, i think :P).

one thing i noticed though: when you stand in front of the desks, the scale of the chairs and computers seems off. i'm sure that compared to the "info_player_deatmatch" entity, they are proportionaly correct. this is a weird thing i've been noticing alot in many maps. what is correct doesn't always feel correct when you walk up to it in q3. players look fine standing beside the desks, but without a body as size reference, it just feels oddly small. anyone else notice this oddity at all?

280zx_79: flaming people is childish.

..::LVL and its BETA section provide a very valuable resource for serious mappers to improve our skills and attain a common goal ... get the skills necessary so we can get paid to do something we love: map :P

i'm glad you like the map, but do you have anything intelligent to say that could prove useful? if not, remain silent. i think i learned that one as a small child.

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#8   29 Aug 2000
This is for 280zx_79 and any other idiot that makes fun of things they can't comprehend.

Ninjaness is a word I made up that encompasses the players ability to do things beyond mere mortal men. Like rocket jumping 30 feet in the air, railing a player and landing on both feet. Every player in Quake has these abilities. I'm simply giving them a name.

Does this clarify things for you 280zx?

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#7   28 Aug 2000

You did a great job on the pipe waterfall. Nice visuals all around the map, including the sky box texture. Beautiful!

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#6   28 Aug 2000
I like what's happinin here but unfortunately, the interior areas are too cramped for playability and it's next to impossible to grab the BFG with all those grenades. (Perhaps a wait key on the trigger multiple of a few seconds, the grenades just keep comin and you really don't have a chance. Sorry but the BFG just isn't worth going for.) I do like how you've hidden the BFG though and the layout of the map is not bad at all.

Sorry to say but this map is too much like Half Life to be all that much fun with the intensity and "ninjaness" of Quake 3. Perhaps you could make the map for Half Life? I think this map would do well in that game.

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MEet-CEes unregistered
#5   28 Aug 2000
shame that your fist q3a map was the best and its been downhill ever since now that may sound too harsh sorry.

i like tron alot but that map didnt do it for me. and this recent quarea51 map has horible

bot play. i just hope this one negative comment doesnt cause you too smash your comp and crush the very valuble q3a install disk that we all value so much.

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D@rK $t@LkeR unregistered
#4   28 Aug 2000
Good map, very creative. I like the fact that it wasn't a space or gothic map (I'm getting tired of those). The Only problem was that the Bot play wasn't very good (It's still playable though).
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RedFive unregistered
#3   28 Aug 2000
This is a fine looking map, which I find is rare in real-world maps. Offices and corridors feel just right and the mix of indoor and outdoor is prefect. The BFG trap is very good; if you can get to the BFG, odds are you won't come out alive. And if you do come out alive, you're frag bait! It's too bad I have to use scaled-down graphics on my system because the map is impressive even as I see it. I can't wait for Santa to come flying over my head and drop that 800mhz/GeForce2 under the tree. And he will, I phoned him up !!! :)
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pu§hy unregistered
#2   26 Aug 2000
gameplay is excellent in the outdoor areas...i really cannot say the same indoors but still good though. those vehicles/ufo/ringing telefone makes this map really interesting. i would have given it a 9 but this map doesn't have any music with it. (or im juz stupid not to know how to play music when maps don't have em?)
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neoGhost unregistered
#1   26 Aug 2000
your map rocks it is very cool

(germany 26.08.00)

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