by Priv
Skylancer by Priv

Zeppelin suspended wooden pirate ships aloft in a cloudy blue sky. A fantastical space map with a very cool concept which has been beautifully realised. Game play is another story, the game play is not smooth and the weapon selection and placement could have been better. The r_speeds are a little high and will be very noticeable on lower end systems. Bots have a few problems and can sometimes be found just hanging out on their own.

Great to see mappers thinking in different direction.

Patch Release - You can grab a small patch (1kb) that will allow Skylancer to appear in Skirmish menu.

Tigs notes: After another ship flying the sky? Have a look at BlackHurricane by Martinus.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (38 votes)

Download: Skylancer by Priv