Pharaoh's Gate
Pharaoh's Gate by haste

OK... CTFers... This techno-Egyptian theme map will make you drool for school! Check the .txt file for a quick lesson in Egyptian deities.

With the amazing stone, wood and metal textures (ala Sock) your jaw will never leave the ground. The really cool "Stargate" teleporters, which hurtle you into enemy territory and the hieroglyphic detail separate this map from other Egyptian theme maps.

Gameplay: FAST AND FURIOUS. There are no marathons to get back to base or launch an attack. Item placement: PERFECT. Just enough health to keep you limping.

Bots: Better than average. They sometimes hang-up on a jump pad or two. I could go on... but ya need ta git downloading!


Reviewed by ScuD

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (38 votes)

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