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05 Jun 2011
GuitarManLast post by GuitarMan
Good to know about this. There is one map I love, I think it's been released 10 years ago, but as the mapper never submitted it to ..::LvL it's not listed here. And it's a damn fine map. I'll submit it soon.
KommissarReb (SW12)Last post by KommissarReb (SW12)
If you are making a new weapon like a flamethrower, All I gotta say is-I just HAVE to try that map out. Edited 49 seconds after the original posting. Edited 12.01 days after the original posting.
15 Apr 2011
TigLast post by Tig
I need time to do work that brings in the money that pays for the site so you people can download maps and I can live from day to day. Besides that it would not be fair on the currently released maps to put up another bunch of reviews so quick. Most of them would shift off the front page. Another thing that would happen (if the currently reviewed and waiting maps where added very soon) is the next bunch of reviews may end-up more than 30 days after that. It is much better to pace things out a bit in my honest opinion. The 30 days between reviews is only a rough guide and if more reviews come in and there are maps still on the queue I'm pretty sure instead of 30 days it would only be ab
EmeraldTigerLast post by EmeraldTiger
It also works wonders for terrain. Due to the uneven nature of terrain brushes, if you make them structural you will face long compiling times and large .vis data. Make the terrain detail, then caulk around it. Little to no sacrifice and performance, and it cuts down on a lot of unneeded compiling time. Also works good for terrain maps like Overlord or Distant Screams, surround the whole map with a skybox and then put a bunch of caulk within the mountains as a vis-blocking utility. Edited 14 seconds after the original posting.
TigLast post by Tig
Not sure if you have worked this out yet, but here are the steps for making a 8-Bit Bitmap image in Gimp: 1. Open / edit the image :] 2. Select Image -> Mode -> Indexed - then select the option that suits your task. If unsure the 'Generate optimum palette' is a good choice 3. Hit Convert (and wait if the image is large) 4. Save as 'Windows Bitmap'. You should get a box that pops up. The 'Advance options' should be greyed out if this is a 8-Bit image. If you can access the advance options, then you do not have a 8-Bit image. Go back and make sure you have select the 'indexed colors' option. Enjoy the wonder of 8-Bit colours. BTW, using a greyscale will also make an 8-Bit image, but as you can guess, there will
EmeraldTigerLast post by EmeraldTiger
My other idea was that I could just bundle them up in one .zip and just orient them towards Small CA, which can be played in CPM, OSP, or anything that supports the mod.
EmeraldTigerLast post by EmeraldTiger
I`m hoping id will add more of sst13`s maps, considering Skyward is based off his remix. Dark Void is simply a brilliant concept, executed flawlessly with balanced gameplay and visuals. Gothic Dawn is also very good and I`d be interested in Octogonal Overdose or Dead Sun Skies as well. Also, id said in their news post about the new maps that it was "based off an open-source design..." without making any references to the ThreeWave version. Which leads me to assume they`re looking at open-source maps now. If so, then Tig`s "Out on a Limb" would be a good start.
TigLast post by Tig
How come in the screen shots posted on Quake3World you have a Windows XP desktop and DOS box? It even says 'Windows XP' in the DOS window where you are trying to run the bspc.exe commands.
themuffinatorLast post by themuffinator
It works well, thanks for the reply!
20 Jan 2011
TigLast post by Tig
Yep, I also think a mobile version would be a good idea. It would be very handy as I often check the site from my PS3 (the PS3 uses the mobile version as well). When I get a chance, I'll fix this up. Adding it to the todo list now :] BTW, the mobile version of the forum will most likely be read only. Edited 5.06 hours after the original posting.
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