by Peej
Quake3:Addiction by Peej
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2563
#134   19 Feb 2021
Like raspatan said, the MH/RA combo is really, really awful, though I can't fault the map author too much for it since id committed the same sin with some of their own official maps, like the original version of Campgrounds.

It is a perfect example of a map that can be salvaged with D!ABLO's map editor (lvlworld.com/mod/id:48) though, since the layout is really good, with plenty of vertical combat.

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raspatan Rep. 4510
#133   31 Oct 2020
Interesting design but item placement is bad. Worst is MH and RA literally next to each other.
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#132   11 Apr 2015
Every time i play this map it suprises me how vertical the action is and how many storeys it has. Absolute classic!
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FDsK Rep. 14
#131   13 Jul 2013
FOund this in suprise Me thumbs up latest comment
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#130   26 Jul 2012
Why didn't I notice this before like seriously this is just legendary. It's a definite keeper :). 9.5/10
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headrot Rep. 148
#129   23 Mar 2009
Ahh such class - the q1 origins of this map really shine! It's not too vertical it's great, and think about how old this map is only months older than quake3 itself!! There is one corner/stairs area thats almost a carbon copy of a section of q1dm4! Peej - yes
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Openfrags unregistered
#128   04 Mar 2009
It is a must have for sure. A great map for funny moments.

a whole round:

some Gauntlet-fun :-)

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R1c0 Rep. 10
#127   28 Mar 2007
I never seen any map before like THAT
Now, I can play q3 here...
so, let me back on this map ;D
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not entered unregistered
#126   04 Apr 2004
Awesome level in CPM. Air control pays big dividends on this one.
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xGHT unregistered
#125   09 Jun 2002
I dont know why you like this map, it sucks. There is nothing special about it.
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NoNameFek unregistered
#124   21 Oct 2001
This one can get going. Use the CPM and even you can defeat the RA/Mega combo (normally fatal for a map)...
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nolimit unregistered
#123   12 Jul 2001
This is a very good map. The only problem I have with it is the RA and the mega right next to each other. It just makes you want to get RL and stay in that room the entire match. I give it an 8 because of that.
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wd287t8gd unregistered
#122   21 May 2001
this map is ownage. pure ownage.
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not entered unregistered
#121   19 May 2001
The father of all Q3 maps. One of the first truly good Quake 3 maps ever released.

Once, I was at a lanparty, playin' q3, and I asked to play some custom maps, and the two maps my buds knew of were Addiction and Coriolis Storm, so that must be saying something of how widely known and respected this map is.

God that was an obfuscated sentence.

My advice: get it, learn it, play it, love it.

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macdaddy unregistered
#120   21 Apr 2001
thanx for the great level...

if you don't own this one, download it now!

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Captain@Godmode unregistered
#119   11 Jan 2001
One of the first costume maps i played for Q3Arena and still one of my favorites.
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da_badguy unregistered
#118   01 Dec 2000
dis map is shit and peej is a loser

case close

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not entered unregistered
#117   22 Aug 2000

"too vertical"


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Mr. Whipple unregistered
#116   19 Aug 2000
This map rocks online. Either in 1 on 1 or a small FFA of good players. Definitely not a newbie map though.
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screaming penis unregistered
#115   16 Aug 2000
sorry, this sucks.
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George Washington unregistered
#114   08 Aug 2000
Oh, I agree with your point about "constructive" criticism though. :)
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George Washington unregistered
#113   08 Aug 2000
So you would physically hurt some older kids if they used profanity in front of your younger kids? Yeah, that makes sense. :/
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[THC] Essex Boy [UK] unregistered
#112   08 Aug 2000
I wonder (after reading the threads posted here) if any of these young "men" realise that young "children" read this page re: "suck my penis" . I am an active player and a father of two and trust me if I was sitting in BK's with my family and any one of you spotty pubescent wonders of humanity said that in front of my family I'd break your neck.....get a life....realise this is a place for "constructive" critisism. Not testostrone charged male posturing and cat fighting.....Its also public access so a bit more consideration for our younger readers wouldn't go amiss..... :)
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not entered unregistered
#111   07 Aug 2000
Yet another newbie...
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Beliya'al unregistered
#110   07 Aug 2000
It's an okay map, but not top ten material. It looks good, but gameplay is boring, the map is too vertical, it doesn't rock like most of you think. Sorry...
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Proof Positive unregistered
#109   02 Aug 2000
"this map is too vertical"

You just proved yourself to be unqualified to judge this level. It's made for advanced players that can actually look up AND down. Imagine that.

And I doubt anybody cares how many maps you have. The fact that you've downloaded a bunch of maps doesn't magically improve your credibility. Especially when your criticism of this one can't go deeper than "it sucks" and "it's too vertical" so, sorry. Move along. You're just not ready.

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TWisTER unregistered
#108   02 Aug 2000

i have 236 maps of quake3!

and 300+ for quake2

more than 200+ for UNReal and UT

and near 100 maps for Half life

as u see i have enough data

to know if a map rocks or it sucks!

READ again!!

236 in quake3...

i almost reviewed near 80 percent of all..

im not the best player in quake3

or quake2 but i know that i play

VERY well! maybe a 7-8 of 10 !

the addiction map IS Boring !!

graphics are cool .. but

the gameplay here is Poor and period.

the map is too vertical!,

if near everybody here like this map! ok ,, but i dont!

the most incredible to me is that this map is in the top 10

now is #2 ... BS.

I have played more than 50 maps

that are more playable with

better graphics than


The Designer of addiction can

be a master level designer! but as i said seems like it only make maps and dont play it..

wanna know an example of a great map ..

look for ->REPTILe1

THAT is a GOOD ONE! play it

then later look what u think about addict!

could be better if this site

start a section of

top 10 maps in graphics

to 10 in playability

and so on..

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Oh please... unregistered
#107   31 Jul 2000
TWisTER: You must not be a very good 1 on 1 player to say all that. This map has awesome connectivity and still stands as probably one of the best vertical playing maps out there (not to mention it does play very fast when both people know all the ins and outs of it). If you're getting wasted by campers, maybe you should turn ON mouse look. :p

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TWisTER! unregistered
#106   31 Jul 2000
again me... :)

im sure the author Is a

Great level designer..

maybe could be Master! someday

but seems to me.. he never

played Quake2 or QUake3

because lack of conectivity

and playability!

any camper can win easily here

because of the no exit places

the map have!

conectivity and gameplay is the key! I really like those old

quake2 maps like q2dm1,q2dm2,

q2dm5,q2dm8 where u can see near all time every player in the map! an open areas to strafe in combat or rocket jump!

My advice to him is to

ask himself why people

like so much the standar q2 maps! ? because Gameplay there is fast! :)

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TWisTER! unregistered
#105   31 Jul 2000
I Dont Know why u all

like so much this Crappy map!


i downloaded it because it get

nice scores in the reviews near


but i will give u a 5 !!

the game playability here in

0% !!! conection 0%

grafics %85 the grafics its ok

the only thing this maps have is

has to offer is good textures and architecture!

seems like an Unfinished map!

there are cooridors with no exit! item placement really

bad! Need more Work!

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not entered unregistered
#104   05 Jul 2000
it is manna from heaven! :p
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Mysterious Dr.X unregistered
#103   04 Jul 2000
Good map though not the best i've ever played. Some of you lot talk about this map if it were manna from heaven.7/10
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undeaDDisney unregistered
#102   04 Jul 2000
Would be better, to like glasses.
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ilikebreasts unregistered
#101   03 Jul 2000
I haven't seen a bot do that on this map at all. I play it mostly against humans though and for that, this map truly owns. Excellent vertical action which is something that is sorely lacking in a lot of custom tourney maps so far (and even the id tourney maps actually).

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Steinecke = UndeaDDisney unregistered
#100   03 Jul 2000
Ok. And You've seen the ruined botplay, too? Bots, getting frozen in front of the launcher?
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not entered unregistered
#99   03 Jul 2000
Oh my goodness. Best I've seen.

I love the nice little hanging roots or whatever they are...

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ha! unregistered
#98   26 Jun 2000
lol, i find it hillarious that someone using the nick "trueplayer" would make that post. Unless you mean "true playa" in which case i laugh even more heartily!

It's all about the gameplay with this map even though i think it looks pretty sweet too. Don't hesitate to grab this map!

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Trueplayer unregistered
#97   26 Jun 2000
I wonder how this map got in the top 10. I admit it has a nice smooth and fast gameplay but the textures and graphix look terrible, feels like in prison all grey in grey with small blue parts. If ya don´t mind ´bout graphix grab it!
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Dr. Crazy unregistered
#96   08 Jun 2000
This map is great! I see no flaws in it whatsoever! If any one of you out there has played the original, I think you'll enjoy this (that's just my opinion; yours may differ).
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not entered unregistered
#95   07 Jun 2000
You guys need to play this map against humans before you judge it. Much different from playing the moronic bots.

score: 9

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Gollum unregistered
#94   06 Jun 2000
Soz people but i agree with turd, this is SHIT, the gameplay is in the center, the bots don't understand it, the teleporters are crap and it's way, way too small. But i liked the flashing poster/display, does anyone know how to do that...? i'd apreciate a reply, thx
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TURD unregistered
#93   02 Jun 2000
I hate it.The teleporters look crap, it's too small and it's boring to play.The bots are too predictable.
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magatsu unregistered
#92   18 May 2000
this map brings back warm quake classic memories.. ahh

living proof that a great map doesn't need a custom texture pack six megs big. A perfect 10 this is, and one of my absolute favorites

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Steinecke unregistered
#91   11 May 2000
Bots getting banned in front of the rocketlauncher. They wait on the spot, 'til you kill them.
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Hi-C unregistered
#90   10 May 2000
Still the highwater mark in Q3 mapping (even if it was a Q1 map originally). Which angels did you bribe to get this kind of style, Peej? Or was it devils! ;)
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BerticousFG unregistered
#89   07 May 2000
..." This is my fav. map. I truly admire it!"
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LowGun unregistered
#88   02 May 2000
Great map but I can't run it on a pure server for some reason, any Ideas?
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Senior Teflon unregistered
#87   19 Apr 2000
Gorgeous level with fantastic, smooth gameplay. I particularly love the multiple levels; there's a good chance of catching someone unaware with a good death from above attack, but if you're playing more than a 1 on 1 match, chances are also pretty good you'll get your camping ass removed in short order, since the topmost level is very accessible. My only complaint is that the bots don't seem to go for the rocket launcher; it only comes into play when I've picked it up and then gotten myself good and fragged.
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Ray unregistered
#86   16 Apr 2000
Level design is perfect, but I don't know why, it just eats my FPS.(?) It's not too fast then when I have a bot in. I give a 10 to level design but a 5 to gameplay. That's what...8 total?
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Dismember unregistered
#85   15 Apr 2000
This map is so well designed I won't play ANY other map 1vs1 ever again!
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pyzak unregistered
#84   13 Apr 2000
actually I don't agree about the scores in the range of 100 : 0

that doesn't happen

when you're playing a newbie than maybe

but a skilled player is not easily cut off from the armor.

I agree that mappers usually think about the looks ,even when the gameplay is lacking, it matters that the level looks good.

But fancy eye candy is not all. You want an example ?

check q3jdm8a :> a simple "NO CURVE!!" level which plays really good. Addict is an exception, it looks good and plays good :)

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speedy_man@mail.ru unregistered
#83   10 Apr 2000
Sad that q3 has no real single player with monsters and that stuff... buttons, keys ...

The engine can do so much beautiful stuff, so levelmakers turned mapping into a real art. But lots of maps here are for eye-pleasure, not for gameplay. That would do great for SP, but not for dm. I dont need beauty in DM. I need gamplay and speed.

Again sad. Comone ! Create a MOD with real SP. Enough of that OSP/GX-MOD or TF-like.

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Speedy (speedy_man@mail) unregistered
#82   10 Apr 2000
Hey Peej! And all mappers outthere! Do Uplay DM, or just map? Your maps are so nice &stylish, I can only say "WAW!!"

I now, Its hell of a work to make a good map ( I map a bit). U managed to make a great map in terms of architecture and design, but it is SO unbalanced.

Great Idea to place MH and RA in room with only one exit (and even worse its controlled from above)... oh and add some rockets there!

YArmor is also close, so run from one to another . The other player has NO CHANCE AT ALLL!! Belive me. The match will end like 100 / below 1. The map is unplayable for tourney.

Better test maps with good players, before final item placement. Make it better.

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ogre2112 unregistered
#81   02 Apr 2000
Excellent map.. It's fast, but still is "busy". Has a lot of tight spots, with just enough open spaces for arena combats.
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pyzak unregistered
#80   29 Mar 2000
A little slow but it still plays the best so far :)
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Slyko unregistered
#79   17 Mar 2000
An Excellent Map. I'd place it in my top 5. I loved the new architecture. Gameflow is fast and furious. Item placement is topnotch. Sound is good. A Keeper!
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Sk*8*er unregistered
#78   17 Mar 2000
Uhhhh This map is umm not that good. It's small.. (Im not fond of small levels) and the gameplay was umm boring?
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rubicant unregistered
#77   14 Mar 2000
twitchfactor: years of experience can improve anyone as a mapper. if you think experience only makes a person old, you probably haven't watched professional sports. he can say whatever he wants about your map, and that doesn't make him "a dick." and "poorly planned" is constructive criticism. it means you should plan your levels better next time. his basis for his arguments were clearly stated: it was poorly planned. i would also have to agree with him in that making levels for the public doesn't give him any obligations, nor does being and old-school quake player.
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Biff Smiff unregistered
#76   29 Feb 2000
Great Map!

I've had many fun fraggin' hours playing this one. The

teleporter texture was kinda dumb, though. Too easy

to miss it if you didn't know it was there.

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Biff Smiff unregistered
#75   29 Feb 2000
Great Map!

I've had many fun fraggin' hours playing this one. The

teleporter texture was kinda dumb, though. Too easy

to miss it if you didn't know it was there.

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not entered unregistered
#74   20 Feb 2000
this map looks beautiful. It is very fun to play on.
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Gargool unregistered
#73   18 Feb 2000
This map just rules !!!
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Octovus unregistered
#72   17 Feb 2000
Hello Mama!

This is niceness. People may think its too easy to dominate from above but no, not really, not unless u r playing a bunch of newbs. And finally a map that is good and departs from the classic themes of q3.. the only other being Japan Castles IMO. Also great fun as a instagib map... 8 outa 10

Happy fraggin! Octovus

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Morpheus unregistered
#71   14 Feb 2000
Excellent map!!!

Right weapons in the right places.

No real camping spots, gotta keep movin'.

Brilliant no matter how many players you have

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Sundown unregistered
#70   13 Feb 2000
Atmospherics are great, I'd even like to set up a food cart in the center area to feed the hungry fighters as they pass through. Keep it at 3 or 4 max players--otherwise the tactical features of this map get lost. You don't chug-a-lug a fine Cabernet Sauvignon. This map ain't Kool-Aid baby!
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cyclic unregistered
#69   11 Feb 2000
I don't generally post on boards unless I see something that is good. This name calling and arguing back and forth is just ridiculious. I enjoy this site alot and come here just about every day to see if there are any more maps out for review. I like the fact that I can review what other ppl say about the map but when I have to wade thru the "shit posts" that make no sense and no reference to the map I just get pissed.

Now for the review. Good for up to 4 maybe 5 ppl only I thought. With more people than that I just becomes caos in my opinion.

Excellent 1on1. Nowhere to hide!

Worth the download and I can't wait to see what peej is going to come up with next. It can only get better. Keep up the good work.

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ricco the destroyer unregistered
#68   09 Feb 2000
well done....but The Crossroad is better
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Juice-Drinking-White-Man unregistered
#67   07 Feb 2000
Excellent map, but I have to agree with whoever it was that said the Q1 teleporter texture is very gay.

It definately has the best environment/atmosphere I've seen in any map so far.

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RedFive unregistered
#66   05 Feb 2000
Almost two weeks now and I'm STILL addicted !!! And so are the bots! I will now watch your site closely for more DM goodies, as well maybe try out some maps for the old Quakes !!! Now Tigger-oN, can I put an 11 on this map ??? :)
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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#65   04 Feb 2000
Again nice work Peej! I played it for an hour and a half today with bones! :-)

Ok back to mapping "The Pit" My q3a map.

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LonG unregistered
#64   01 Feb 2000
not realy good tourney map

but i didn`t see better

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Kurupt unregistered
#63   01 Feb 2000
Good map. I could talk about it but everything has been touched on in previous posts. However I will brag of my defeat on playing the map the first time today against my friend Andrew. He raped me.

My opinion, 9.0 out of 10.

-Kurupt (The Rail Whore)

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Peej unregistered
#62   31 Jan 2000
just so everyone knows:

"He told me basically to fuck-myself."

is a total lie, i said nothing of the sort. to quite myself, what i did say is:

"i have no obligation to anyone, that's complete rubbish. i map because i enjoy it and for no other reason, saying that i owe it to people to sensor everything i say is just rubbish."

and i stand by this 100%

i'm really fed up with this and i think everyone else is. give it a rest already.

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[pig]MindsEye unregistered
#61   31 Jan 2000
I love this map!
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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#60   30 Jan 2000
Twitchfactor I agree with you that you put a lot of thought into it and you'll get better map after map. Keep your head up :-)

But at the same time listen to Peej..You could learn a lot from him (I know I can)

Think about this: Would you learn or get better if people didn't critique your maps.

Remember this: I've been through what your going through, and yes feelings were hurt but I got over it. And you know what? I got better. I'm not the greatest mapper yet, but I'm getting there one map at a time.

Goto: www.mapfinger.com and look for Gonad (That's me) And you'll see screenshots of maps I have made. It will make you feel better. Like I said I'm not great yet but I'm not terrible either.

You say this is your first map...Not bad! Better than my first attempt.

So take some constructive criticism and learn from what people have to say.

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#59   30 Jan 2000
Years of experience, do not make a person right... it just makes them... old.

And Peej... get with the PG (that's ProGram)...

If anyone here took the time to do something, and someone who has no-basis for judgements made such, and didn't back it up, wouldn't you be mad?

I don't think the level is Gawd's Gift. BUT I know I put some thought into it, I know it isn't a waste of time.

I told Peej he has a responsibility as an "old timer" to watch what he says, since people take his opinion to heart (as Gonad has illustraited). He told me basically to fuck-myself.

So, I know hold Peej's opinion in the HIGHEST REGARD. ;)

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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#58   30 Jan 2000
uhhm Yes yrs of experiance does give Peej on knowing what makes a good map and what does not.
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cowmonster unregistered
#57   30 Jan 2000
jeeeez. calm down twitch.
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Peej unregistered
#56   30 Jan 2000
as i said, goto the qboard:


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Twitchfactor unregistered
#55   30 Jan 2000
Not interested in arguing. It doesn't help me, much like your comment,

"looks ok in the screenie but infact is a badly planned, badly put together waste of time."

Waste of time is not a piece of constructive critism. Nor is it "the truth".

And Gonad: Years of experience, do not make him an authority or even correct. Just gives him "years of experience."

I wanted reviews, not sweeping untrue statements like "Waste of Time".

Anyway, the only thing that matters is the work, so maybe we should just settle this by having a little contest.


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Peej unregistered
#54   30 Jan 2000
Twitchfactor, i don't want to turn LvL into our private battle ground, so i'll keep this short and sweet.

you submitted your map to LvL so that you'd get honist opinions from people about your map. that's all i said, my honist opinion, whether ppl listen is down to them.

i'm sorry if i touched a nerve, but i can't lie just to make you feel better. afterall it was you who submitted your map.

(if you wanna discuss this further, create a thread on the qboard and i'll be happy to argue with u)

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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#53   30 Jan 2000
I'll have you know that Peej is no dick! He's just brutally honest and has yrs of experiance under his belt. He critiques to help people.
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#52   30 Jan 2000
Since Peej was so kind as to express his opinion about my map, I will return the favor..

It LOOKS awesome! One of the best user-maps I've seen.

Now, since this is based upon a previous map, Peej has had a few years to think about layout and what-not, but even with this time, he hasn't fixed a few flow problems.

  1. I can lamely lob grenades from the grenade perch and wipe out the primary fight area.

  1. I can grab the rocketlauncher, drop into the room that feeds me armor/health and ammo, and just bop back & forth to the main fight area.

Also, theres a corridoor where armor shards are placed in front of lights. Nice, except, if you back into one of those holes with the lights and get stuck.

Overall, a very good map, with only a few issues (like being able to frag-steal VERY EASILY).

I have to mark it down though, since Peej is just a dickhead who likes to beat-up on newbie-mappers with his big-bad-veteran-mapper self.

It gets a 7. (an 8 if Peej weren't a dick).

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isnt unregistered
#51   29 Jan 2000
This map is stupidly amazing! Brilliant.
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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#50   29 Jan 2000
Great job peej! This is the best map I have Dwnloaded. It's staying on my hrddrive! :-)

And Suck me peins (i'm sure you meant penis!) Shut the fuck up. You don't know a good map when you see it! Have you released anything? Lets see you do better!!!

Again very nice work Peej :-)

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baronh unregistered
#49   29 Jan 2000
One a' da best maps out there.

Keep 'em comin' Peej

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punk_wocka unregistered
#48   28 Jan 2000
but i still like the map
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punk_wocka unregistered
#47   28 Jan 2000
hey i just remebered somethin, the teleport texture looks exactly like one of a frogs organs, i remember it from biology class im not sure which organ though, pretty damn creepy
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Jim unregistered
#46   28 Jan 2000
Very nice map. Better than some of the id maps provided and surely a must have- now I can't wait to find someone running it on a server (I prefer human players over bots)
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Peej unregistered
#45   28 Jan 2000
Creeker, you can d/l it from my webby.


choose the uk link.

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Creeker unregistered
#44   28 Jan 2000
Can someone email me this level please? The links don't work for me...I even tried CuteFTP to cdrom.com and can't find the file.

email: jsemkiw@hotmail.com

thank you!

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GibFest unregistered
#43   28 Jan 2000
NICE MAP and there`s a review at me site too.
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BIGies unregistered
#42   28 Jan 2000
cleaned my maps folder of all the crappy maps ;) this one joined them. uhh no i mean uhh it stayed .. phew
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cowmonster unregistered
#41   27 Jan 2000
fucking awesome map.

the the texture scheme is about 30 times better than id's shitty base theme.

Captain textures:

it's bcuz of yer card. i'm guessing you have a voodoo2 or something else which doesn't support textures above 256x256.

oh, and cool cow can go suck my peins

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MADMAX unregistered
#40   27 Jan 2000
HAHAHA cool cow got busted! w00t
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Senn unregistered
#39   27 Jan 2000
Gotta hand it to you peej, this map is fun! Kinda some odd texture choices and colors but the architecture is cool and the map plays wonderfully.

Great job =)

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Captain textures. unregistered
#38   27 Jan 2000
Nice map Peej, for all the reasons already mentioned. One thing I noticed, this might just be my setup or something, but with the top texture detail setting, almost all the map was at top texture detail - apart from the large archways into the RA/MH, which were at the next texture setting down. I've also noticed this problem with the square floor texture in Q3DM1 - the weapons markers are at full detail, but the floor itself is the next detail level down. As I say, this might be a system specific problem, and of course you can just turn the detail down, but since the only thing going for Q3A is it's looks, I couldn't bring myself to do that :P.
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Peej unregistered
#37   27 Jan 2000
for the last time :)

  1. if you want to camp the GL, your a loser and will be killed from above.

  1. the MH by the RA is to beef up the otherwise poor and lacking Q3 RA.

  1. the tele texture is from Q1, if you don't like it, tough, it shows the roots of the map.
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MogWaEE unregistered
#36   27 Jan 2000
I luuuuv this map... Nice, tight, and feels great :). Once comment though: I agree that the fog needs to be replaced by water.
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xage unregistered
#35   27 Jan 2000
Pretty great map over all. The theme/look of it was pleasing to the eye. (steel girders & supports are cool) Only gripes are the sometimes questionable item placement (specially the GL), the teleporter upper level sticks out like a sore thumb & the texture doesn't seem to fit well with the rest of the map, and it would be nice to see a few of the areas larger, not freakishly big just a bit larger. It would be a good thing to see a CTF map made from this design.
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AssBall unregistered
#34   27 Jan 2000
Nice map, textures are a bit plain, and the megahealth right by red armor is a tad queer, but otherwise very nice.
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/// Type 40 unregistered
#33   26 Jan 2000
How do you like your cool cow? I'll have mine medium-rare...

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Kancer unregistered
#32   26 Jan 2000
I've been playing a bit more of this map and it's still really good but I'd like to see Peej create a map layout like this except for CTF or at least with this theme he uses. I think there's too many DM maps and not enough CTF.

The best CTF map in my collection currently is Japanese castles, but i'm sure there are just as good ones out there too.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#31   26 Jan 2000
suck me peins -ip #

26 Jan 2000 20:22

cool cow -ip #

26 Jan 2000 20:19

-- sooo smart cool cow, one more post like that and i'll ban you

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suck me peins unregistered
#30   26 Jan 2000
this map is crappy and crappy so fuck it too hell
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cool cow unregistered
#29   26 Jan 2000
well i likes the design but the only real prob is that were you get the grenade launcher and you can bounce the grenades off the wall and into the big room were all the bots awlays are and get mega kills.

dont get me wrong i love getting mega kills once in a while but not every time i grab the grenade launcher

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Kancer unregistered
#28   26 Jan 2000
Boy this level just rocks. While good maps for Q3A are few and far between this one ranks up there with the good ones.

Give us more Peej!!!

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Peej unregistered
#27   26 Jan 2000
thanx for all the comments. i'm trying to soak up everything everyone says ready for next time.

i'm trying to support Addict as much as possible, that is get it on as many servers as i can and tell people where these servers are. if you see it on a server, let me know, and head to www.peej.co.uk/addict.htm for the latest server list.

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Raven unregistered
#26   26 Jan 2000
Excellent Job! Just Luv it, Got to agree with "Killer", Definately one of the 3 "Must Haves" (Although I have a few more must haves) Great use of subtle sounds, looks GREAT even though it is fairly conservative in that area, and plays so sweet. Well GoZilla has just yelled at me, must mean Sanctum by VerMoorD, has finnished downloading, now this should be a sweet Level, Hope so anyway!!
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DaMaul unregistered
#25   26 Jan 2000
Great looking map Peej. I haven't played any bots or DM on it but thats only because I couldn't be less interested in Q3 gameplay at the moment. But why do you have to re-create and old map? What this world needs is new ideas! And IM the man to think them up!
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Killazontherun unregistered
#24   26 Jan 2000
This level rocks :)

I liked that teleporter texture!!

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punk_wocka unregistered
#23   26 Jan 2000
damn sweet ass graphics this style is a lot better than gothic in my opinion 3rd best custom map ive played but i thought the layout was just ok i thought it could have been spread out better and shoulda just been larger in general but hey thats just my opinion some people might think its fine the way it is, im just really tired of small closed in maps damnit
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Scampie unregistered
#22   26 Jan 2000
Some probs with the aligning of textures on curves (look at the differance between patch and brush...) but still the best map yet.
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RedFive unregistered
#21   26 Jan 2000
I have no probs whatever about the teleporter texture; it's not too flashy and you know instantly what it is. And being so simple probably saves a few FPSs !!!
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0xide unregistered
#20   26 Jan 2000
Tremendous map, one of only 4 q3 custom maps that deserved to stay on my HD.

I agree with Rokscott on the teleportor gripe; it looks too simplistic.

The shotgun room seems a bit bland in relation to the rest of the map; a little tweaking is needed imho, but it doesn't detract much from my overall liking of this map.

I like the fog instead of water. I can imagine the constant splashing becoming annoying in such an easily accessible area.

Give us more! =)

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Pingu unregistered
#19   26 Jan 2000
Jesus Christ... lotsa comments for this map Peej

Well deserved of course, seeing and playing it gives me the thirst... might have to learn this Q3 thing after all...

(fancy a trip to Oxford to teach me????)

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Admiral unregistered
#18   26 Jan 2000
I played this against TankJr and he kept grabbing the GL and fragging me anytime I came under that spot. Incredible map, excellent gameplay, a must-have for all Q3A players.

I can't wait to see this on a server.

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Tilman of BCI unregistered
#17   26 Jan 2000
Great for campers. Get the Grenadelauncher, and stand still. From this spot just fire all grenades downwards. I made 10 or so frags in a row without being killed once.

Despite of this I likes the map very much.

(The fog is simply cool..)

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Rokscott unregistered
#16   26 Jan 2000
Absolutley SOOO - PERB !

Only one minor gripe, I did'nt like the Q1 type teleport texture. It looks a bit too bland.

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odd unregistered
#15   26 Jan 2000
nice one peej, best q3a custom map by far...
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Kchrk K'a unregistered
#14   26 Jan 2000
Very nice map, probably the first that comes close to id's work. I agree with the water instead of fog remark (see above), but that's nitpicking. The experience is indeed very evident and the atmos is a nice departure from the usual stuff without seeming contrived. Hope Peej keeps it up!
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Killer unregistered
#13   26 Jan 2000
Yup, more glowing praise for Addict from me. This is the third "Must Have" custom map and I tend to agree that it is the best of the three (Addict, Kaos and IK3DM1) as well.

There is a fantastic sense of place and I really love the industrial feel. Superb layout, fine lighting and solid texturing. What more can I say, do not miss this map.

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Bugbear unregistered
#12   26 Jan 2000
I rank this map as the best Custom map so far


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GrindSpire unregistered
#11   26 Jan 2000
Peej is a genius, plain and simple. I have been sitting infront of Q3Radient for ages trying to get a gritty industrial/prisony feel and then I d/l this map and peej has done exactly what I was trying for. I say again, Peej you are a GENIUS!!!! Get this map NOW!
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SantaClaws unregistered
#10   26 Jan 2000
I must say - excellent job. The texturing and lighting job is great. Good job keeping a consistent feel through the whole map, too. In my opinion, its maps like this that show off the true power of the Quake III Arena engine at creating crisp, realistically textured environments.
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Pappy-R unregistered
#9   26 Jan 2000
eh...it's OK I guess, not what I was expecting so I SLAP shaddap evil twin!! Back to the depth's with you. Great map Peej!!! Don't listen to that "other voice". Keep up that level of qualtiy and keep map ho's like me happy and content. whOOp!!
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FuZoR unregistered
#8   26 Jan 2000

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FuZoR unregistered
#7   26 Jan 2000

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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#6   26 Jan 2000
Great map!!!!!!!

love it its a MUST HAVE!!!

i would love to see this in a Q3 server with real ppl instead of bots

great map


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RedFive unregistered
#5   26 Jan 2000
This one is a gotta have !!! I've played this one for about half an hour and the bots were still getting the best of me (on Hardcore). DL it, play it and live a full life !!!!!!
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Vondur unregistered
#4   26 Jan 2000
Yeah, excellent work Peej! Nice lighting, nice curving, nice 3d, nice atmosphere. I liked just to walk alone there =] Ambient sounds applied perfectly, that makes main part of that atmosphere.

Keep on PJ!

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Paul unregistered
#3   25 Jan 2000
If you'd excuse me I'd like some time alone with this map ;).

Damn cool map Peej.

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wumpscut unregistered
#2   25 Jan 2000
This map is FANTASTIC. I could go on for hours about how wonderful it is, personally I think it's the best Quake 3 user made map - so far. I really enjoy the industrial like scene and the texture set. Great ambience, lighting, item placement. Perfect 10!


Back to playing it :)

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Peej unregistered
#1   25 Jan 2000
First post :) thanx Tig, glad LvL is sorta working again. i did try water, but it just didn't seem right, ppl were splashing all over the place.
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