by Peej
Quake3:Addiction by Peej

Experienced level design is very evident here. Based on a earlier quake1 map of Peej's, this map is great with bots and in 1on1's. A DM with 6 ppl was very cool, but I had to turn curves down and cg_simpleitems to 1 as the framerate started to chugg a bit in the main area. The only other small problem I had was the low lying fog, personally I would have gone for water here, the sound (from the water) might have been a nice touch in a 1on1.

Excellent texturing, lighting, gameflow and some really cool features - a good break from the Gothic. A must have map for sure!

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (347 votes)

Download: Quake3:Addiction by Peej