In search of THE map!
Started by Mortimer
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#1   07 Dec 2022
Hello hello, ..::LVL-world!
Wow, I've been browsing this site for over 13 years now and it wasn't until today that I decided to sign up! First and foremost let me say that this site holds a very special place in my heart. Q3A was a very important part of my childhood, and I spent countless hours, days and week browsing this site and downloading map after map, reading the reviews, as well as being amazed by the marvelous mappers in this community! This page is a goldmine and I truly treasure it.

Now, let's get to the nitty gritty. I have very vague memories of this map, but I remember playing it almost constantly. Like, I would end a game and I would start one in this map soon after. It was one of my most replayed maps alongside Solitude, Plasma Caves, and Dangercity. About this map: I remember this map being a very detailed and interconnected city map. No, it is not "Alleys", "Chronic", "SinCity" or "Metro" (or Gotham City, I love that one!). And it's not Dangercity either, that map is unique! I remember the map was set at night, so it was very dark. It had lots of alleys, lots of tight-quarters... and that's all I can remember sadly. I know for a fact it was a city map, and it was quite dark too.

I've gone through all 217 pages, and I haven't been able to find it. Either I am blind, or the preview pics don't really help much. Thanks in advance!

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#3   08 Dec 2022
My bad! I should have expanded the list of maps I had tested beforehand, but it was so many of them that I forgot!

Alright so, I know for a fact it wasn't "Black Town", "East Berlin Roofs", "Unholy Formula", "Rainy Day" or "Krichevo Town" for the fact that those have VERY different aesthetics to the map I am looking for. It also wasn't "Fragcity" nor "The Plaza". The closest one seems to be "City 1", but even then it was not that one since I remember that I couldn't run that map properly back when I was a kid (my PC would constantly lag on this map!).

I am trying to squeeze my brain and give you as many more details as I can, but I remember that the map was very dark, even more so for a map set at night.
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#4   08 Dec 2022
minecity? That's the most ridiculously dark and cramped 'city' map I know of. It's also tiny though, and came out very early (January 2000) and is an example of a lot of first gen mapping don'ts (i wouldn't be surprised if LvL rejected it 22 years back for visibility/play reasons, it feels built more like a Half-Life level)

My other thought was Drastic City which is allegedly night time in a Quake kind of way (the sky shader is black with light gray clouds). that's a little later (March 2000)
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#5   08 Dec 2022
I just tested both maps you sent my way! Sadly, none of them resemble the map I am looking for!

Mine City is way too tight, tiny and cramped. While the map I am looking for has corridors like that, it's not the one I remember.

Drastic City is way too bright, and iirc the map I am looking for has no such skyscrapers and/or tall buildings.

I appreciate your help nonetheless, leilei.

Tig Rep. 1604
#6   08 Dec 2022
I'm wondering if it was Heavy Metal Town by Ekat. The screenshot is a shocker (I'll update when I get a chance) and could have been easily skipped because of it.

There is also los angeles by Scorn, but that map is more Sci-Fi themed.

Courtyard Reloaded by seremtan is another possible one, but not very dark.

I don't think it would have been Baal-Peor's Urban Psychosis by Baal-Peor, but feel it is still worth a mention.

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#7   09 Dec 2022
SO, I went through every single map you just shared with me, Tig.
Yeah, Los Angeles by Scorn was not the one based on the theme alone, Courtyard Reloaded was too bright and didn't really resemble the downtown area I remember, and Baal-Peor's Urban Psychosis, despite being a map I was looking for and one that's as mediocre as I remember it, wasn't the one the either.

About Heavy Moetal Town by Ekat... from the maps I have tried so far, this is the one that rings a bell the most. There is only one part that does it, and it's the "Milkaüf" store with the flight of stairs and the open area by the roof. That's the only part that really caught my attention because it's eerily similar to THAT ONE PART I remember from this map (I recall the map having an entrance to a building (or a store) that led to a very similar flight of stairs, and at the end of the stairs there was a long hall that led outside). Other than that, the map's brightness, the constant music going on in the club area, and the missing textures (which I found to be a total turn off even when I was a kid) don't really remind me of the map I am looking for.

As we speak, I am going through every single city/urban-themed map I find both here and on q3df because I am hellbent on finding this one.

EDIT: By the way, thank you so much for taking the time to help me out Tig, I appreciate it tremendously.
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gooball Rep. 1081
#8   09 Dec 2022
Bit of a longshot, but maybe mxl_school? (not on LvL, find it here:
Mortimer Rep. 0
#9   09 Dec 2022
Hey gooball! I downloaded mxl_school earlier and I am afraid to say that no, it's not that one. Mostly because I remember this map taking place in alleys, somewhere downtown.

To be honest, I am about to give up and say it's "Heavy-Metal-Town", but there are a lot of things in that one that don't ring a bell in the slightest, like DN3D part, the music, and the missing textures.

Tig Rep. 1604
#10   10 Dec 2022
@Mortimer - I'm currently doing a bit of an audit for a code change and found Devlinpack 1 by Devlin, which was designed for the Urban Terror mod. There are two maps included in the download and from what you have described, The Slums of Chicago could be a match - maybe :)

Anyway, check it out if you are still searching.

gooball Rep. 1081
#11   26 Feb 2023
So, did you ever find it?

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