Black Town
by XPac
Black Town by XPac

Here is a brilliant map which introduces Q3A to the world of moody Film-Noir and pushes it to the limits. Set in a fog-enshrouded port town at night complete with jetty, which uses many of the visual effects of ydnar's fantastic q3map2 compiler.

Effects in this atmospheric map include high-res shadows, lightmapped terrain and models, bump-mapping and foghull, among others. As a result, r-speeds are very high (you WILL need a beefy machine for this one!) and it takes longer to load than usual, as well as needing a 'stable' Q3A installation, but the visual are worth it.

The size of the town is reasonably small to compensate for the eye-candy involved, and navigation over the uneven cobbled streets and obstacles is not easy, but the bots manage quite well and put up a good fight. There are also a few little flaws in the visuals, such as missing textures but the author acknowledges this as this map is designed to push the Q3A engine to its very limits. Weapons included are a SG, PG, RG and RL, and a Regen powerup.

Keep this if you like Film-Noir and your machine is beefy.

Reviewed by Foebane

Update: The download no longer includes a soundtrack. (2.Nov.2003)

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (51 votes)

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