Heart O' The City
Heart O' The City by seremtan

Inspired by an existing map, Desert Cemetery from the Threewave mod and transformed into something completely different. Like seremtan's previous map, Courtyard Reloaded, the feel and the environment have a matrix mood.

The map is a big, long ride to cap the flag between both base. Nonetheless, it's very fun for that because of the long corridor in a curve. If you love flying fast with rocket jump, try this map, you'll go crazy for the speed you can get. Game play is excellent, items are well located, Quad in the middle on a glass floor where a rounded waterfall is flowing from, a regen in each base with yellow armors. All the weapons are there except for the BFG. There are three main entrances to each base. Bots are good and use two for the routes available.

Textures are by Ydnar, Cardigan and HFX with others by the author. The readme has lots of history on the creation of the map (which can be fun to read) but not enough details about how many players are supported, how many spawn points in total, which type of CTF mod this map can support? Only VQ3 CTF? Capturestrike?, One flag? Harvester? I was able to load 14 bots in this map and I'm not even sure if I hit the limit or not. Some more information in the readme would have been nice.

In conclusion, get this map A.S.A.P. for some great CTF action! Lack of support for other CTF game types may stop this map from being loaded on a public server.

Reviewed by DGhost

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (34 votes)

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