Heart O' The City
Heart O' The City by seremtan
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FragTastic Rep. 2323
#15   05 Jan 2012
Nice Work!
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zĄmaŋ unregistered
#14   26 Jun 2010
very nice map, exellent designed ways for fast rocket and rail running,, thanks
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SW12 unregistered
#13   15 May 2010
Honestly, with this map I was a little Disappointed. I thought it would have to relate or parody Heart O' the City comics. Other than that, it's that this wasn't a thouroughly designed Hotel. What I mean by that is that there aren't any Hotel rooms in either base/motel. Oh well :/
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RotaryFist.cz unregistered
#12   20 Aug 2008
Pretty neat CTF map, possibly a keeper for those who like unusual CTF action
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not entered unregistered
#11   22 Dec 2003
nice map, go on i keep you in my mind , and run your map. and maps like yours in good nice quality gamefeeling thank you ;(:- elmer gutman

---- gut hamburg -----

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Bake-A-Kitty unregistered
#10   15 Dec 2003
That happened to me too.I wonder why?

Later Days!

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Confuzed unregistered
#9   14 Dec 2003
Anyone else been having trouble downloading levels the past few days? When I click on the download link, it takes me to fileplanet, where I click on a login link, then I'm back at lvl. What up?
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Psycho Girl unregistered
#8   13 Dec 2003
Nice map could use more details,but I really likes it.Try making more maps like this one!
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DGhost unregistered
#7   07 Dec 2003
Have you ever thought about remaking your first 2 CTF maps for 3Wave and Team Arena Seremtan? If it was done, I know that some public servers would be interrested in running your maps.
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Kaeksen unregistered
#6   06 Dec 2003
Cool thang duude, hang on making those ones. Love your work. You could make one more map of Matrix..no probs ;)
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paul unregistered
#5   06 Dec 2003
Hehe, you're missing an 'h' in your link to threewave.com. I was wondering why my band site (treewave.com) was getting hits from a quake site. ;o)

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DGhost unregistered
#4   05 Dec 2003
Cool, I didn;t notice for the name of the hotel, good idea! For making maps to eb compatible with 3W check this link: www.threewave.com/articles/q3wmanual

and for Team Arena check this one:

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Seremtan unregistered
#3   04 Dec 2003
One more thing: DGhost mentioned the Matrix feel, but omitted to mention that "Heart O' The City" is the name of the hotel in the Matrix right at the start with Trinity and also where Neo dies at the end. The sign I used is actually as exact a copy of the sign outside the hotel in the movie as I could manage.
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seremtan unregistered
#2   04 Dec 2003
Thanks for the positive review. More info that didn't make it into the readme (sorry!):

I think there are about 10 or more player_spawn points in each base. I can't actually remember, but it's around that.

I'm afraid it's just for vQ3. If someone would like to direct me to a tute or just info on setting up Gtk for 3W or TA gametypes, I'd be happy to do that in my next map.

In passing, I should add that most of the textures are made by me from scratch, and about 20% are Ydnar, Cardigan etc.

TBH, I'm kind of disappointed in it in some ways. The bots refuse to travel thru the crate warehouse, which is annoying, though they do at least enter the enemy base from twice as many directions as in the 3W original (i.e. 2!). And the central area is kind of a fudge. Originally it was to have a building in the centre, but that didn't work out. And finally, it was compiled with q3map. I tried q3map2 but it created some ugly artefacts on one of the ceilings for some unknown reason.

I do babble on, don't I?

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me! unregistered
#1   04 Dec 2003
nice work Seremtan, very fun map! me likes!
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