Lost World - Tourney Edition
Lost World - Tourney Edition by TymoN
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Badboy unregistered
#3   15 Jan 2004
what a surprise. i found another version from dm13. and i like the TymoN's version. btw nodm9 i dont like.
i have built a Q3DM13 Fansite (in german). there are q1 and q2 versions availible.
the mirror for TymoN's map will be up on my site in a few days.


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xfoo unregistered
#2   10 Dec 2003
Hard to compete with the CPM remix version.
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{DEMO}LITION unregistered
#1   05 Dec 2003
Didn't really like the changes. The texturing has been reduced too much. The lava used is too bright and does not match the textures. There is no use of the skin textures (you know, the moving walls and those nice big teeth on the roof under the grenade launcher (in the original) or rail gun (in this version). Some of the passage ways (e.g. the one that leads to the ledge with mega health) have been opened up (I do agree that they were too small in the original). Item placement is pretty bad in this; the rail gun is in place of the grenade launcher (pretty pointless, and I think the rail gun would be more suited to be in place of the rocket launcher), there are no power-ups, and the bit where quad was has been replaced with large health (ur!). The hole from the rocket launcher to the semi-circular stairs is quite a nice idea, but one of the other entries to it should have been removed for it to be worth while.
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