Devlinpack 1
Devlinpack 1 by Devlin

A double release for Urban Terror.

The Slums of Chicago (ut_chicago) is set in a run-down part of a city. There are a few technical problems like one-way fences and non-solid police car (for weapons) and some of the tight passageways are a little too tight. The city atmosphere is carried well throughout the level and really helps to create a rich environment.

The Japanese Gardens (ut_japangarden2) is set at night in the grounds of a Japanese Castle. Tight passageways and corridors are riddled through the complex which is basically a doughnut layout. There are many small snag points that will catch the player as they move. Again, the theme of the map is strong and adds a lot to the experience.

Game play on both maps is a little disappointing.

Makes a change but you will quickly return to the more popular UT maps.

Ranked: 2.9 out of 5 (9 votes)

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