los angeles
los angeles by Scorn

I am sorry that this map was released before some beta testing. It could be very good but in the current state it is almost unplayable. Nevertheless it is worth checking out.

An original styled map with good use of coloured lighting to give off a futuristic atmosphere. There are streets and buildings, with glass pipes above the ground. You can visit the interiors of the buildings or walk inside the glass pipes. Overall this map looks very nice.

But the gameplay. The layout is strange and does not look like it has been built for any known kind of the match. Many areas have only one access point in. There is really bad clipping almost everywhere. You may be blocked by some invisible barrier or you just cannot jump up. The map looks quite nice from above, but you cannot get there (unless you use /noclip). Moreover you can easily get under the map and walk there :o ). Bot play is supported, and bots move around quite well.

Could be much better, still you may enjoying checking it out. It is a nice map but I doubt many people will keep it. 5/10 (Note: There are some missing sounds)

Review by KIL

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (11 votes)

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