SGDTT4v2 by Deathhead The Tormentor

The map is a remake of DM1 from Quake 1 and feels a little like a dumbed down version of that map. The entire section that originally contained the nail gun has been removed, essentially turning the map into a single circuit with limited flow. Now it is possible to jump directly to the Red Armour alcove and the MegaHealth platform is also within direct jumping distance from one of the gangways, which unfortunately takes some of the risk out of this item as well. The Shot Gun, RL, GL and PG are all featured, the Quad Damage power up makes an appearance as does a Yellow Armour. The YA is particularly badly placed being next to the RA alcove.

The entire map is very narrow with passageways offering no potential movement in a fire fight, all too many kills simply taking the form of rounding a corner and bumping right into someone. This is particularly bad in the corridors leading to the MH which have been made far too constricted. There is also the problem of inconsistent lighting. The corridors just mentioned are so dark the floor can barely be seen, and you can forget about shooting people between the pillars as they are far too tightly grouped. This problem with the darkness also manifests itself down near the teleported located on the ground level. Whereas in other areas light from the sky and the many torch light spots makes some sections look overly lit.

The level itself has very basic architecture and is very boxy. While it is nice to have a break from the standard Gothic architecture of Q3A this really is a bit too minimalist for the texture set used and there are no trims of any kind. In order to break up the large expanses of the same texture the level has been literally covered in corpse models and torches hanging from all the walls to hide the very rudimentary brushwork. There is an inconsistency with the archways throughout and some, such as near the RL ledge, look painfully crammed in after all the major structural work had been completed.

The text file recommends 4 players but you will be tripping over each other given the small size and lack of movement options. It lacks enough flow variety to make it a good Tourney map as well. The problems caused by the inconsistent scale, the fact that there is a distinct lack of areas where proper fire fights can take place and that it has little aesthetic value at all combine to create a pretty redundant remake which is a shame given how great DM1 was back in the day. Bots don't really use the downstairs area or the teleporter. There have been many more successful Quake 1 remakes. Not recommended.

Reviewed by averybluemonkey.

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (8 votes)

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