InsinuatoR_DM17 by InsinuatoR

Here comes another remix of Q3DM17. Author says it is his first map and unfortunately, this is quite obvious. At least he could present it in the beta-section here before the final release - there are few bugs that could be avoided easily.

First of all you may find out that almost every texture is missing. Well, they are included in the PK3 but without proper directory structure so the game cannot find them. Anyway you may already have those texture sets within some other PK3 and you wont notice. If not, you will have to download them somewhere or unpack the PK3 and put them in the correct folders -which is quite annoying. Nevertheless I did this to see what the author's intention was. And the result? Hmm, not bad but i still like the original much more :) Moreover it looks like the author does not know that each face of the brush can have different texture :o). Another too noticeable bug is in the lighting - console says WARNING:Light grid mismatch, it is likely that the LIGHT was not compiled at all.

I guess nearly everybody knows the original, so let me just state what is new: more weapons (BFG, PG) and more powerups (INVIS, Regeneration). Minor structure changes: some jumppads added, there is a copy of the upper platform with teleport above the Rail Gun, Main RL platforms have some narrow passages inside.. and that is all :)

I do not like the changes and I think they bring the gameplay down, although few rounds with friends may be fun. If you have no friends the bot-play is supported, but again I recommend playing the original instead, (or try some other dm17 remix). I am sorry but i have to say KEEP OUT. 2/10 - do not fix what is not broken!

Review by KIL

Update: The texture error has been corrected in the download. (22.Sep.2006)

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (37 votes)

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