DESP-DM2 by D3$P3R4D0

Small Tourney map for 1 on 1 action. Basically a small cube, with vertical walls for cover. Only 2 levels here with jump pads to get to the 2nd level ledges. Some of the angled ledges on the 1st floor seem to lend themselves to non-vQ3 physics, because I wasn't able to get up/over them. This and other mismatch ledges create some paths to be one-way. For such a small map this became frustrating to me.

The map is grey with blue accented textures by Evillair and skybox by alchemy7. Items include: RA, YA, SG, RG, SG, RL with a couple health and ammo spots. Well made map and good for a few rounds: pick it up for Tourney action. Bots play well (and can actually make some of those ledge jumps).

Reviewed by remnent

Tigs tip: Using com_maxfps "125" and pmove_fixed "1" may help people on the lower floor angled edges in standard Q3A.

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: DESP-DM2 by D3$P3R4D0