DESP-DM2 by D3$P3R4D0
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raspatan Rep. 4259
#5   27 May 2022
Lovely design. Main problem is the RG. Because the map is so open, it can be too overpowering. I would have it replaced with LG. Cool map for OSP gameplay. Works fine with 3 players too.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5711
#4   03 Oct 2019
I would add cpm to gametype under the overview for this one. i play it in promode. i had always thought this was intended for promode. it works well in it
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Takkie Rep. 1708
#3   03 Feb 2015
I agree with FragTastic. Amazing map. The jumping distance is just good for vq3 unlike the review stated.
Finally the bots have an advantage of being bots. They perform the jumps quite well and they can use it to their benefit. Texturing is cool and minimal. Great work!
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FragTastic Rep. 2249
#2   29 Jul 2012
My god! I have literally fallen in love with this Tourney map because it's just so awesome. Textures are finely brushed and structure of the map is spot on and constructed very well. Bot play is good and Grunt was such a strong competitor in this map so I suggest adding him for a 1v1 contest. 8.5/10
Edited: 31 Aug 2012 AEST
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Anonymous unregistered
#1   12 Aug 2006
im disapointed with these 3 new submissions, hopefully the next batch will be alot better.
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