Gloves Off
by Foo
Gloves Off by Foo

Recently I reviewed Red Warrior Shot The Food by Chris "Foo" Thorpe, which was a Geocomp 4 contest submission. Now I've come across a new map by the same author called Gloves Off and this is so much more a Geocomp map than Red Warrior Shot The Food ever was.

Now don't get me wrong, Red Warrior Shot The Food is a solid map and I gave it a good review. But Gloves Off is pure Geocomp gold. The brushwork in this map is amazing and clearly demonstrates what an experienced mapper can do in a minimalist style. It's top notch stuff, even if it's not for you.

There is a lot to be impressed about, but I have to highlight the very sexy curved stairs that, for me at least, steals the show. The author also included the map file, so you can have a look yourself at how it's done, when a true brush monkey is clearly enjoying the work he's doing.

The layout is solid and the item placement is spot on. There are bright markers that make it easier to know where you can find the goodies and there are some nice combat scenarios. Like the JP to the RA dead end that sets you up perfectly for a snipe by your opponent with the RG.

I really can't find anything to complain about. I love this map and it makes me reminisce about those amazing Geocomp contests we had back in the day. Thank you for the Member Berries.

Reviewed by Sprony

Ranked: 4.8 out of 5 (6 votes)

Download: Gloves Off by Foo