Gloves Off
by Foo
Title : Gloves Off
PK3 Name : foo3dm4.pk3
Author : Chris "Foo" Thorpe
Release Date : 3rd September 2022
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page :
Game : Quake 3 Arena

Description : Vanilla Q3 tourney level in a tech/concrete style

Thanks to : Mr. Duplicity 'mrd'

Previous work : Foo3DM1 - Dry Ice
Foo3DM2 - Deep Element
Foo3DM3 - Spectator Sport
GC4_Foo - Red Warrior Shot The Food


* MAP Information *

New Textures : Evil_Lair's DSI texture pack
Hipshot's Violent Days skybox

* Construction *

Base : A rough layout smashed together some time around 2006
Construction Time : End-to-end, fourteen years. But about three days of actual work
Build Time : Five minutes
Editor used : Netradiant-Custom
Other programs : Q3Map2, Q3Map2Toolz, Notepad, Paint3D
Known Bugs : A few lightmap and patch mesh oddities

* Copyright / Permissions *

Copyright (c) 2022 Chris Thorpe
All rights reserved.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.