Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution by Imric

What we have got here is another damn fine map rescued from oblivion, that gets its well deserved spot on ..::LvL.

Originally released on January 25th 2002, the author states in the readme file:

"Quake III Arena Team Deathmatch level built with a 'pro' style of gameplay that is in Quake III competitions today."

I'm not a 'pro' player, but I can tell you this is one damn fine map that you can play both on team Deathmatch or on free for all and it rocks on both gametypes.

Decorated in Rorshach's custom HeadHunters 3 Singlemalt textures, the layout is pretty straightforward and easy to learn. Items are well placed all around the map, which makes you keep on moving to get what you need. Quad Damage is present, as well as a Red Armor and MegaHealth, but they are far enough from each other to stop a player from trying to get them all in one run.

There is also plenty of health around, and you are gonna need it, because matches are fast paced and action is in-your-face with the suggested player load (6 for FFA, 8 for TDM). Location markers are included for team games. Bots play well.

Get this one on your hard drive now.

Reviewed by GuitarMan

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (6 votes)

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