Plasma Caves
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This map will transport you to an industrial/tech environment (a plasma core energy reactor) built into the side of a mountain. There is a nice mix of the organic and man-made elements.

All weapons are available with the exception of the BFG and there are three alternating power-ups including haste, Quad, and invisibility. You will find two yellow armors and the +100 health as well. If I have any little nit pick it would be to have placed the +100 health in a more remote and perhaps hard to find area instead of leaving it within easy reach.

The ambiance is above average and any graphic or technical issues are not readily evident. Bots do well enough finding their way around and there is at least one spot that they may camp, although at their own peril, as they leave themselves a bit exposed. Because the map is only mid-sized it is easy to learn to navigate within it.

With the amount of weapons and ammo available eight players may be pushing it a bit. I didn't find any missing shaders or any brushwork that appeared out of place or lacking and most systems should not have a problem running this map without any issues.

It is obvious that the maps' creator took quite a bit of effort to make it believable and interesting. I hope that we see more work from RotaryFist in the future.

Reviewed by Hooyaah

Tigs notes: A number of Team Arena only weapons and items will appear when run under Team Arena.

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (9 votes)

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