Citadel Insatiable
by Myth
Citadel Insatiable by Myth

A piece of mapping yumminess from Myth, this is a medium-sized map with a large-scale look. I'd describe the style of architecture as Gothic-Romanesque, and the texturing as mostly apt. My one reservation about the texturing is the shiny trim and bevel caps at the top of the jump pad into the RA room which seems stylistically out of place. There are also some construction flaws with z-fighting behind some curves and sparklies above the door to the RA room. The lighting in the map has clearly benefited from being compiled with ydnar's q3map2. Fans of vertical play won't be disappointed while there's plenty of room to maneuver throughout the whole map and excellent connectivity. Items are well distributed, although I have to wonder whether the RA is in the most suitable place and whether it should have had a much longer respawn time. Bot play is all right, but they have tendency to gravitate to the RA room and Quad. It might have helped them circulate a little better if the TP in the cellar had been targeted at the LG end of the map.

In spite of minor niggles, your fingers should be twitching towards the download link.

Reviewed by Anwulf

Tigs Notes: Very nice map, grab it!

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (22 votes)

Download: Citadel Insatiable by Myth