Citadel Insatiable
by Myth
Citadel Insatiable by Myth
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#12   24 Oct 2020
Another gameplay blast from Myth. Super fun map, excellent connectivity, intense all over! Details like the drop taking you to the MH (in screenshot) or the fact that you can see through the arch between the two rooms (to send some rails or rockets) greatly enhance the intensity. Top FFA map! A keeper!
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AEon Rep. 760
#11   21 Aug 2009
Even though it may look very "standard", texture-wise, the layout is interesting and fun, and there are many nifty details to be discovered. The map could probably have use a bit more clipping, but with "skill" that issues can be avoided. Bots in vQ3 play well enough. Fun map.
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Mj unregistered
#10   05 Aug 2003
Very good map.With a good design and architecture...8/10 for me.

Was able to dl from gamespy this time...:)

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Tigger unregistered
#9   04 Aug 2003
Mj: Thats a problem that comes and goes with FilePlanet. There may be a mirror on the authors site, or just try again later (sometimes a reload works)
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Mj unregistered
#8   04 Aug 2003
Is there another link?...gamespy doesn't show the free servers.
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Anwulf unregistered
#7   04 Aug 2003
You're welcome, Myth. :)
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Myth unregistered
#6   03 Aug 2003
thanks for the review Anwulf :)
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qwer unregistered
#5   03 Aug 2003
very nice map!i like it:)
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Octovus unregistered
#4   02 Aug 2003
Wow why the low score? 9/10 from me. Now, you're probably right about the rspeeds; my upstairs computer didn't like it (but that one's old, like quake 3 demo old)...but to me it looks nice enough to justify them. Some great ceilings and windows. And, of course, the all important gameplay is bang on. Bots were average, which is fine. I greatly enjoyed the layout - some rooms had many many exits, opening up many possible different encounters and run routes. Fun stuff!


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Dayve unregistered
#3   01 Aug 2003
Damn it was wierd... like some sort of spasm... but anyway, I found myself at the download page and though, ahh, what the hell, it's only 5MB.

Anyway, very nice map, some excellent touches. FPS stayed in triple digits most of the time, so I can't complain there. I'll be keeping this one!

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not entered unregistered
#2   31 Jul 2003
Good architecture, however I think you could of achieved the same impression with about 4k less polies per area. It's nice to have a creative vision and stick to it, however when your map hits over 14k r_speeds in several spots, it's time to either rearrange your layout or cut out some superficial details.
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Equim unregistered
#1   31 Jul 2003
Ownage map Myth :)

waiting for yr next one!

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