Maximum Carnage
Maximum Carnage by }{ammer

When I first loaded this map, my jaw struck the table quite solidly. The use of textures is flawless and incredibly effective. I spent so much time gawking at the beauty of this level that I hardly got any fragging done. Stunning theme is carried by suitable architecture style, and the ambience both in the outside courtyard and in the acid pit room is quite chilling. All that is needed is the sound of heavy rain outside and the sound of a few small rocks tumbling down into the acid below in the other main room.

Layout is big, with most of the action seeming to occur around the Quad and spilling out into the main courtyard. Occasionally combat heads into the acid room, but the bots don't seem to be comfortable with heights, and usually leave for somewhere else reasonably quickly. Plenty of players are needed (5+) to make this map seem full, any less and the corridors connecting the two main areas feel empty.

Item layout is solid, and quantities has been taken into careful consideration. Limited ammo and armour (but enough) keeps the action frantic, while having all the powerups except MegaHealth can make locking down the map a bit of a challenge. Only two problems which are linked anyway, that is both the placement of the rocket launcher and the tele nearby. The tele is totally pointless in where it takes you, and the rocket launcher is too far away from the action. Either the tele needs to lead to the other atrium, or another rocket launcher needs to be put in.

This map looks like it belongs in a single-player map pack, but the map plays surprisingly well in multi- player and the bots put up a good fight. Even if only for the beauty of this map, get it. You'll be impressed.

- Jonothan Cakebread

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (20 votes)

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