Reflex by TosheR
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Tosher unregistered
#4   20 Oct 2000
You right, Tigger-oN, 1on1 - slow and nervous - i like it :)

More strategy and adrenaline...

Thank You for your offer, maybe

Tourney/DM 2-7 - better? :))

For all... ^)

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#3   19 Oct 2000
Personally I found 1on1 very slow, but a 4 play game was a lot more fun, 7 could be getting a little crowded. I'll change the listing info if you wish Tosher
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Tosher unregistered
#2   19 Oct 2000
Thank you! :)

Strange, i made this map only for duels - item placement and geometry,.. not 3-7 deathmatch... heh...


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WarMachine unregistered
#1   18 Oct 2000
not a bad map a little tight in parts for my likeing nicly made map game flow is good it looks pretty good nice job tosher keep up the good work mate ......happy fraggen WarMachine :)
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