Place of Anger
Place of Anger by <BKA]|[Cu$ith>
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6360
#5   24 Jun 2019
for a fairly straight forward tourney map, I have to agree with Takkie. It was a pleasant surprise. I didn't even mind the quad room for what essentially is a 1:1. It has that tier 1 Q3 vibe going on but a little richer in item placement and gameplay.
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#4   02 Feb 2015
I kinda like this map. It is a neat suprise.
Ok it is a bit flat and i don't like the pendulum (or any other such gimmick in any map for that matter). The textures are quite standard but the layout and gameplay are interesting. It is well connected, bots cover the whole map so in botmatches the game is all over the map. This is (for me) a good map!
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[44]ooze unregistered
#3   20 Oct 2000
Very boring map....way too horizontal. The twisty dm13/organic thing is sweet, and the pendulum is a neat looking gimmick. The gameplay won't keep you long tho--
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macho unregistered
#2   19 Oct 2000
pretty map

that pendelum looks damn good

but I would prefer some teleports there to make it more fun...just imho

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[See]Friedfisch unregistered
#1   19 Oct 2000
i like it, because
  1. Its very small but very good for 2-4 players and duells. nice textures, looks like an original id map.
  1. ...and he's a clanmem :)
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