The New Sorrow
The New Sorrow by Mr.Lake
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#5   17 Apr 2022
Interesting map concept. They seemed to have retrofitted a gothic structure with tubes. I'm not sure what the tubes do, but they need a lot of them to do it. :p
Joking aside the tubes running everywhere do their part to add visual interest and create the idea that there could be something more to the location. The level has great atmosphere and lighting. The dreary rainy day is very well done. Unfortunately the pace is pretty slow on this one. Connectivity between areas is a bit of an issue and it would have been beneficial to change up at least one of the tunnel sections to add a bit more visual variety (if only to help the player better keep their bearings). I'm also not sure the invisibility power up was needed.
There is the makings of something really cool here and because of that I want to like it, but in my opinion, it needs a bit more opening up and it could use some defining visual cues to help better flesh out more areas of the map. To me its unique enough to keep around, but probably not fun enough to play very often.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#4   06 Jul 2012
Mr.Lake, Your maps are absolutely brilliant :). I quite enjoy your maps since they contain many features which are fun, chaotic etc.. To me the Rain effect in the map was the bets bit of the map since it made the Gameplay even more fun & wet ;). 8.5/10
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Tig Rep. 1612
#3   06 Feb 2006
The download has been updated.
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Mr. Lake unregistered
#2   06 Feb 2006
Fixed the missing texture issue. You can grab the re-release from my web site. (

Glad you like it v1l3, and as for it being my last... probably. But you never know, I'm always playing around with some new design or other.

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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#1   04 Feb 2006
I like this map. It's pretty simple. If you have a stronger comp to run it on, it's always nice to run around in a rainy arena. This won't be your last one =) Or will it? One never knows.
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