The New Sorrow
"The New Sorrow - By Mr.Lake"
AUTHOR: Mr.Lake DATE: 07/28/05
E-MAIL: **email removed**
Note to everyone:

I actually started this map as a
test to re-theme my other gothic
map Burning Reminders. But once
I started building it, I enjoyed
the look an feel of it too much
to simply scrap and then re-theme
another map.

It really is time for me to move
on to other platforms, as Quake 3
is losing more players every day.
I know I Keep saying "this is the
last map that I make for Quake 3"
and then a few months later there
is a new one on my site. I swear
this time though... :)

The Earth is now a big, dry bone.
All of it's once plentiful and
beautiful recources are gone. In
this world, all that remains are
steel veins and stone skeletons.

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How to install:

Copy the "map-sorrow.pk3" file to
the "baseq3" folder inside your
Quake III Arena folder. Go to
Single Player > Skirmish, and
select "sorrow" as your map.
Map file statistics:

Filename: sorrow.bsp
Map title: The New Sorrow 1.0
Gametypes: Tourney, FFA
Reccommended: 2 bots or 2 - 4 MP

Build Time: 3 weeks
Compile Time: 1.5 hours
Workstation: 2000 Athlon XP
Compiler: Q3Map2 (by ydnar)
Inspiration: "Dark City", "FF7"
"The Crow", Hong
Kong, and "Batman
The New Sorrow - By Mr.Lake v1.0