Insane Products

-=( Map Information )=- -----------------------------------------------

<Title> : Insane Products
<Date> : 9/9/2005
<Filename> : 20kdm3.pk3
<Author> : Michael "<|3FG20K>" Cook
<Email Address> : **email removed**
<Website> :
<Description> : Industrial Slime Pump, great for medium/large
sized games. Many routes to take in both FFA and
Tournament modes.

<Additional Credits> : HFX Evil (Texture Set)
ID Software's Textures/Shaders/Sound
ydnar's Q3Map2 Compiler
Infernis Moderator
stjartmunnen Moderator

-=( Construction )=- --------------------------------------------------

<Base> : Level base, none. Shader bases, I used many of
the default shaders by ID and fleshed them up to accomodate their surroundings. Also had to fix
Evil's shaders too.
<Editor(s) Used> : Q3Radiant 202 - used GTK, either works.
<Known Bugs> : Bots aren't humans.
<Construction Time> : Overall time 3 years. Condensed time 3 months.
<Compile Machine> : AMD 2100+ XP, 2x512mb+1x256mb RAM

-=( Play Information )=- ----------------------------------------------

<Mod> : Deathmatch, Tournament, Team Deathmatch
<Players> : 2 - 12
<Bots> : They'll still kill you.

-=( Installation )=- --------------------------------------------------

<Installation> : Extract the the zip file into
your "Quake III Arena\baseq3" directory.
Run Quake III Arena, and under console type
"/map 20kdm3beta2" or select under Skirmish in
Single Player mode.

-=( Copyright / Permissions )=- ---------------------------------------

<Copyright> : You may not include or distribute this map in
any sort of commercial product without permiss-
ion from Mast3r BFG20K. You may not mass distr-
ibute this level via any non-electronic means
including but not limited to compact disks, and
floppy disks without permission from ME. Please
contact me at **email removed** before you decide to use this in *any* project.

-=( This is the End )=- -----------------------------------------------