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<I3FG20K> unregistered
#6   28 Jan 2014
Holy shit. Looks like a lot of people had something good to say about this beast. Wish I could've released it sooner... Hardware was a huge limitation, and maybe i should've chilled out with the excessive ammo... Then again, getting testers and people's honest opinions was a difficulty as well, as everyone had stopped playing Q3 mostly around it's release. Lastly, I am not sure what the heck happened with the bots, for some reason I went to compile the map one time, and the .aas generator started giving me errors. I could not for the life of me figure out what the f happened, so this was also a reason the map kept getting delayed. I finally said screw it and released it.

I'd love to see some of my ol' maps on qlive for sure, I think some of them would make the cut. I don't have the original map files anymore so unless the qlive team can decompile the bsps and whatnot, they couldn't be tweaked. It's awesome to see people still active on here in 2014!

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Chunky Kibbles! Rep. 246
#5   21 Oct 2012
As for the other secret in the map (besides finding the BFG w/o rocket jumping)....I finally found it! You have to make sure things are going up before it starts to be visible. All in knowing where to fire. :)

BTW, 9/10 for a really cool map!

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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#4   06 Feb 2012
Magnificent! I think im falling in love :). 10/10
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J2KoOl63 Rep. 80
#3   15 Jun 2006
Had this sucker for a long time now. Excellent look with an awesome layout. Still have it in my collection!


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v1l3 Rep. 1015
#2   04 Feb 2006
I liked the beta before it became final better. Minded that the add on of the pg platform is nice. Would have been nice if you did something with the top part like it was in the beta, where you could literally walk around on the top of the map overlooking it. Made it fell like an underground base within a rock formation somewhat. I suppose it would have been better to make this remark when it was in beta-form=/
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there's a secret in the map.... unregistered
#1   04 Feb 2006
i'm not talkin about the bfg either. let me know if somebody finds it....
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