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"Mono - By Mr.Lake - Version 1.0" AUTHOR: Mr.Lake DATE: 07/01/05 E-MAIL: **email removed** --------------------------------- Note to everyone: Mono is a level where I really tried to experiment with custom shaders and using photo-source textures. Toward the end of working on "Trinity" I became inspired even more by industrial design and conceptualized this. It's not so much for game play as it is for pure artistic freedom and fooling around with giant polygons. :) --------------------------------- Description: The future is a harsh world where one church has enslaved mankind "in the name of God". That's it. Like it? Then send me an e-mail! --------------------------------- How to install: Copy the "map-mono.pk3" file into the "baseq3" folder inside your Quake III Arena folder. Go to Single Player > Skirmish, and select "mono" as your map. -------------------------------- Map file statistics: Filename: mono.bsp Map title: Mono 1.0 Gametypes: Tourney, FFA, Team Reccommended: 7 bots or a 4 vs 4 Build Time: 2 weeks Compile Time: 19.5 hours Workstation: 2100 Athlon XP 256MB DDR SDRAM ATi RADEON 9500PRO Compiler: Q3Map2 (by ydnar) Inspiration: Mexico City, Tokyo "Total Recall". -------------------------------- Mono - By Mr.Lake v1.0 (C) 2005 www.conxort.com/mrlake/
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