Xtreme Force
///// RRCTF2////
Map name: rrctf2
Long Name: Xtreme Force
Author: roughrider[A51] ( Dennis VanAntwerp )
Build Time: roughly around 7 months (including rebuilt locations/passages)
Compile options using q3map2toolz (by Hr.O) and q3map2 (by ydnar):
-vis -meta -light -extra -bounce2 -patchshadows -filter
Total compile time: 32 minutes

Unzip/extract contents of zip to your quake 3/baseq3 folder.
Playable in skirmish-ctf mode
Multiplayer on-line too ( of course :P )

Bot support: yes
CTF: yes
TDM: no
FFA: no
Usable in OSP-CTF: yes

Weapons: sg(3), rl(3), rg(2), pg(2), lg(2)
Various ammo pickups and health pickups thru-out.
Amount of ammo/health: findout for yourself :P
2 ra's and 2 ya's
Quad and regen in central area (timed/alternating release)

///Credits, Textures///
In no special order:
ydnar (q3map2)
Hr.O (q3map2toolz)
evil lair (eq2, evil8 & evil7 textures)
Id SOftware (Quake3, default q3 textures) duh!
3-wave (some tex's)

Testers: kat, zoso, mentality[A51], archimedes, doh, Proximo[A51], Elimin8r[A51], Anwulf,
schwim, Fjoggs, the rest of my fellow clan mates at *A51* ( teama51.ntelos.net )that helped
and anyone else that helped. If I have forgotten you it's not that I didn't appreciate it, it's that
I am forgetful ;) .

This map was map from scratch, bottom to top. All content of map and copyrights of items used
within go to their respective owners. This map copyright (c) 2004 Dennis "roughrider", "roughrider[A51]" VanAntwerp
Use of this map in any demo cd's or on any cd for sale or otherwise, unauthorised without my prior written permission.
Redistributable via internet authorised as long as no charges are required for downloading said map
and is downloaded, not provided on cd without prior written permission.
If you wish to use this map in any form not mentioned here, you must get written permission first.
Copying or using portions of this map as a base, or otherwise, for your own map or others map is unauthorised
without my prior permission.