Xtreme Force
Xtreme Force by roughrider[A51]

A medium to large sized CTF map. The architecture, textures and lighting are very reminiscent of Quake 2. Bold, simple structures and corridors with concrete and steel textures soaked in diffused coloured lights. There are almost no Q3A special effects or shader usage. The level has a number routes between each base and you may find your self a little lost at first until you notice the base directions on the ground.

The game play is enjoyable and tactical. Base defense really requires two to three players as there can be a few paths into the flag room. A strategic assault on the flag with the right number of players could allow for a sneaky player to quickly snatch the flag from a different entry point. This is good stuff, but does require a dedicated amount of team work. Bots play the map as well as expected without any noticeable issues.

Visually the level looks dated, but otherwise a good map for team work and die-hard CTF fans.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (11 votes)

Download: Xtreme Force by roughrider[A51]