little rock
by kat
little rock by kat

Imagine you have fallen down a hole in the Grand Canyon, then you discover bobbing weapons, ammo, health pick-ups and broken jumppads. This tiny level is full of vertical action and fast game play.

The visuals and structure are amazing and beautifully executed. The gameplay is not so great, mostly due to the item placement that encourages camping on the top floor with a MH, a bunch of 5 health balls and a rocket launcher. A rail gun on the lower floor, or removing the top floor RL and any ammo may have helped to balance this out.

Bots will play the level, but can sometimes be found just standing around the bottom floor. They are also pretty easy to pick off due to the limited path ways, but will navigate to the top.

On a technical note, the download is a bit of a mess and contains a number of zip files and readme that need to be extracted.

Visually stunning and well worth checking out for some fast games but do not expect to keep it.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (26 votes)

Download: little rock by kat