Des Hertogens Hove
by Geit
Des Hertogens Hove by Geit
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#8   14 Jan 2012
Sexy ;).
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mean unregistered
#7   29 Dec 2005
this one has been in rotation on my CTF servers for years. one of my all-time favorites. killer atmosphere and superior gameplay. i never get tired of it.
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dezperado unregistered
#6   18 Jun 2002
i love the lightning and the overall style of the map! i mean walls, trims, roots, cracks and such goodies..

but ..unfortunately is too plain in my opinion, i prefer more articulated ones

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OMG unregistered
#5   16 Jun 2002
The correct spelling is: 'Des Herzogs Hof'. Maybe you should correct this, Mr Geit.

The environments size compared to the player does not fit: too big.

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Violence3k unregistered
#4   10 Jun 2002
OMG! I've had this map over a year already and until now it gets reviewed!?

Anyways, yes, this map is very good-looking, that's how it got my attention in the first place.

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*papri-K* unregistered
#3   10 Jun 2002
Very nice map. Its a fairly large map. It shows many interesting things to see for mappers looking for some inspirating brush work.
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Jaj unregistered
#2   09 Jun 2002
It's really a grat map. Pretty beautiful, colourful... and that butterfly a nice touch.

Also those models seem to be or they jus remembered me the Nazgul =).....

Great work!

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Opulent unregistered
#1   08 Jun 2002
nice review! /me grab download link
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