Nuclear Wasteland
Nuclear Wasteland by StormShadow
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FragTastic Rep. 2237
#25   29 Jan 2012
Nice Review. I love these type of maps, They are so fun!. 10/10
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PaN61 Rep. 337
#24   26 Jan 2010
Nice review Kell, I started downloading this map right after I read the review.

Good use of textures, I'm quite a fan of industrial themed maps and that was another reason I downloaded the map. Excellent layout.

Great job as always StormShadow.
I give it a, 9.5/10.

Edited: 26 Jan 2010 AEST

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pat howard Rep. 402
#23   24 Jan 2010
The rocket jumps in this map are to die for. At first I felt the scale was off vertically but I quickly learned to love the lofty openness of the layout. Really a breath of fresh air from the more claustrophobic tourneys out there. Great job.

@Kell: Dude.... paragraphs.

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Dale unregistered
#22   25 Jul 2003
I really like it, except jumppads - they look just like spawnpoints and some have strange placement. And I`d swap RA for another YA.

But overall its ver good map. The towers look cool

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VanZeR** unregistered
#21   25 Dec 2002
great map
great battles

yeh i noticed the RA and the RG were close 2gether

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captain unregistered
#20   26 Jun 2002
another since one from Storm... as if I expected any different. :D
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chimera unregistered
#19   19 Jun 2002
one of the biggest maps....great work

callvote storm3tourney2 for OSP-Mappack :)

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dezperado unregistered
#18   18 Jun 2002
i agree, it's GREAT, but maybe the layout is too plain

a strongly made map, well chosen textures ... and Zapper is sooo bad.. 8(

[i can't win even at skill 3..]

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Techx unregistered
#17   13 Jun 2002
sweet map storm.. i really enjoyed the layout and overall theme consistancy.. gj

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StormShadow unregistered
#16   10 Jun 2002
The map was not tested in promode, but there are a few long jumps and strafe jumps that may be well suited to promode. THere are also trimmed ramps in combo with the stairs to allow for those whacky 'hit a ramp and jump 50 feet in the air' promode style jumps :P
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The Hubster unregistered
#15   10 Jun 2002
Any ideas how the map plays in Promode?

//me is yet to dl this one and check it out, but will shortly.

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#14   09 Jun 2002
Ook, going for a new record number of posts in one day here but here goes...

Yes that is only one fault but it is a fault in the positioning of major defensive items which are the most significant individual feature of a map after the layout. It also was not the only issue I had with the items as when I said I would move guns I specifically meant I would move the railgun (and other guns to compensate for this movement). You kind of touched on this in your review Kell, when you said about denying ppl the RG at the point of pickup. Taking that a bit further then it would be very hard to bring ppl down from the RA if they decided to camp there; there is obviously the RA, RG, 35 health but it is also the highest point in the immediate area and there is next to no cover as you approach it. I'm not saying you could sit there indefinately but you would be hard pressed to remove ppl quickly given the amount of armour and health up there and the fact you can cover the YA from there as well.

Anyways I'm complaining more than I wanted to so I'll stop there. I just expected a few more games out of this one as GlooM was a really cool map. Ook, cy'all :).

ps. Sorry if you know this already Kell but you can strafe jump to the YA instead of rocket jumping.

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Kell unregistered
#13   09 Jun 2002
LOL atta <SuX0r> s'okay, we get your point :)

I did find Zapper a decent bot and, without any net connection from home, custom bots are my main adversaries ( sigh ) I used my Krusade bot during the review as well cos his r-jump characterisitic is set to maximum.

The run from the RA followed by an r-jump is actually pretty easy considering you've just acquired 100 armour to take the hurt out of the blast, but if the RA/YA placement is the only drawback with the layout ( I did mention the teleframe ) then that's damn good for any map. How many maps are flawless?

I'm not the biggest fan of the folded-industrial-atrium approach to tourney, but this one stays on my drive.

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#12   09 Jun 2002
Sigh! Shouts at computer in the hope that the interent will stop being lame
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#11   09 Jun 2002
FFS! I just wrote out a really long comment and then lost it 'cause the internet spazzed up. AAAAAAARGHHHH!

To summarize as I can't be bothered to type it all again. The strafe jump isn't THAT hard, going round the jump pad only adds a couple of seconds on and the 25 health up near the RA compensates quite nicely for any RJ's. I did play it against ppl and the problem was still there, the only reason it wouldn't be there is if the players were not overusing the run ie. not exploiting the weaknesses in the item placement due to it being "boring" rather than thinking of possible changes to the placement.

I would have suggested moving the RA to a more exposed place as it is very easy to defend where it is and also moving some of the guns around. Sorry if the comment sounds a bit rude, I was more careful about wording in the original one :-/. Look forward to getting shouted down by hordes of burial grounds beta testers :D.


ps. This is still a great layout and it looks cool, I just found the item placement took a bit of the fun out of it for me.

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StormShadow unregistered
#10   09 Jun 2002
PS - the bot plays this map better than most id bots - but hey.. its still a bot, and a good player beats a good bot any day of the week >:P
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StormShadow unregistered
#9   09 Jun 2002
Thanks for a very well written and thorough review kell, very good job.

Thanks for the comments also guys, I’m glad most of you seem to like it! About the RA/YA - is it really that easy to run the two? I dont think so personally - it’s easy to get from the YA to the RA but not the other way around. Getting from the RA to the YA involves either going around and up the jump pad, rj'ing or some very tricky strafe jumping. There is only one direct path to the YA, making it a bit more difficult to run in conjunction with anything else. I was concerned about this very issue prior to really beta testing it with other people as opposed to bots, and we found that this was the best place for the YA in terms of flow and game play. The general idea was to have all 3 armor/health items in very exposed spots in order to make them tougher to run. Its sort of hard to judge this against bots, but if you play on a LAN or with another person, I think you’ll find that this isn’t so much of an issue.

SuXOr – I haven’t posted a beta on lvl beta since GLooM – which no one even tested, lol. I do most of my beta tests at burial grounds and q3w.

Thanks for the comments all!

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#8   09 Jun 2002
Sigh, it's good for a bot macho :-/. I didn't say I lost did I?
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macho unregistered
#7   09 Jun 2002
great map!!!

pure duel, only the custom bot is not so good, no problem to win 20:0 (nightmare) in 10 mins

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#6   09 Jun 2002
Very good review Kell! That does pretty much sum up my feelings on the map as I do like the map but the RA/YA run bothers me. The specifics of this came out when I was chatting with PI on irc (just giving credit as I was not conciously aware of these points prior to talking with him). Due to the timing of the items then YA/RA runs are very hard to break as you can't really force both items to spawn simultaneously so it is easy to maintain the run. With RA/MH then as they are on different respawn times, with clever play you can force both items to spawn at the same time to break the run.

Whilst this is a great map as are all of StormShadow's I feel the item placement could have used a little tweaking as it does require some poor play on the part of the controlling player in order to shift the advantage. This is a shame as the layout is great and I can't really fault most of the item placement but that run can get a bit wearing :-/. A solid layout and good theme as well as a rock hard custom bot (I was quite shocked in the first 5 mins of playing him, was 10-0 down on nightmare b4 making a comeback). It's been a while since I've been 10-0 down against a bot :p.

Anyways this map will be good for most players but you may find it lacking in long term appeal once you learn your way round the armours. A solid release which will be fun for a few games for anyone so 8 from me as I really loved it when I first started playing it. Cya!

ps. Are your maps ever likely to venture into lvl beta?

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Bill Brooks unregistered
#5   08 Jun 2002
Well done nice detail work and texturing.

It's staying in my favorite maps dir..

Keep up the great work.....

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Commander Keen unregistered
#4   08 Jun 2002
Well Mikey is one of the most scrutinizing eyes I've seen when it comes to rating a map, so I started my download before I even read the rest!

now that I've played it I couldn't agree more. nice werk!

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nitin unregistered
#3   08 Jun 2002
not bad, but not as good as stormshadow's latest map in the BGmappack (arguably one of the est FFA's of recent times

). The layout on this one seems a bit mismashed and although the theme had potential, the archiecture is standard tech stuff and the lighting is washed out. Worth a 6 or 7 IMHO.

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WEE_NUT unregistered
#2   08 Jun 2002
great map =)
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Mikey unregistered
#1   08 Jun 2002
Great job as always Storm!!

your maps get better with every new release...

nice review Kell :)

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