Nuclear Wasteland
>>>>> MAP INFO <<<<<

Title: Nuclear Wasteland
File Name: Storm3tourney2.pk3
Author: StormShadow (Justin Ingels)
Map Info: Tournament or medium/small FFA. 2-4 players reccomended
Description: medium/small map, several rooms connected by several coridors and a teleporter.
Custom textures: Vendetta hh4 texture set and JackBoot texture set by Rosrach -
Custom models: Nope!
Bots: A custom (Zapper)
Bugs/issues: Bots dont go for YA

Construction: q3radiant 2.02/gtkradiant 1.2.1
Compile/aas: q3build 1.4
Levelshot editing: adobe photoshop 6.0
Other: Arenamaster (for .arena file)

Construction Time: like 3 months weeks on and off. Mostly off
Compile time: 20 minutes
Compile machine: p4 1.8ghz/256 RAM

Install instructions: Unzip to quake3arena/baseq3, map should show up in list. Or type /map storm3tourney2 into console

Thanks to: Kevin 'Rorshach' Johnstone for both texture sets. Beta testing thanks to: nT.Thunder, RocketFodder, Ctrl.Del
and the guys at forums , including: Ctrl.Del, gHad, park, -=Hazmat=-, centered effect, Whiskey7,
corsair and PJW; also the guys at forums, including: Jax_Gator, Wiccan HP, Mikey, rackat. A
huge thanks to ^^Ch@os^^ for hosting my map on his beta server! Im sure i left some ppl out - im really sorry,
its just been so long since ive worked on this project that ive prolly forgotten at least a few of ya! Its not
like anyone reads the readme anyway :P