Des Hertogens Hove
by Geit
Des Hertogens Hove by Geit

Almost everything about this map is perfect. Even the readme file is good, explaining the name, listing that the map is TeamArena and AllianceCTF compatible (a NICE touch), the Powerups: Regen in each base and a Quad in the midfield and more.

Soft, mellow lighting pervades the entire map, with good open space to move, custom texturing and architecture that is both sublime and aesthetic. Utilizing NO CTF specific BLUE/RED texturing Geit manages to successfully separate the 2 bases with no problem by utilizing a seldom seen technique: subtlety! Red Flags at strategic spots, Red Lights on the custom Flag shader and mild red lighting in the archway all leave you with no doubt of where you are.

Tendrils of organic matter push through the brick walls and invade even the doors, while roots in the Regen room slither from the ceiling to set an ambience that complements the map perfectly. The butterfly by the Quad is just perfect. Have a good look at the room with the Regen in it. I consider it a excellent example of mapping. Bots played very well.

Get it now.

Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefer

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (38 votes)

Download: Des Hertogens Hove by Geit