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Flatiron by Snickelfritz
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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#24   07 Feb 2012
Weirdly Made :O. I have never seen a building in the middle of mountains :). Lol but still its Mad!
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CZghost Rep. 1445
#23   06 Feb 2012
Hmm, the terrain maps were only in Team Arena, but the support is added also for Q3A (tested by my client maps)
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HDK! Rep. 424
#22   20 Jan 2012
Muy buen mapa , ASI SE HACE!!!
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rivet unregistered
#21   14 May 2002
we've organized a 10v10 for this map. Hopefully it goes well! Love the map, top work.
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xProteusx unregistered
#20   30 Mar 2002
An increadible peice of work, we deffinitly need more CTF maps like this. Has a Team Arena feel to it he Bots seem to have trouble here and their but apart from that their is not a single thing wrong with this map.

BAM! 10 score!

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^Laguna77 unregistered
#19   29 Mar 2002
hahah giant level. It was hard to find the other base but other than that it was perfect. We need more maps like this!
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snickelfritz unregistered
#18   09 Jan 2002
Thanks PoPe[oYa]!


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PoPe[oYa] unregistered
#17   08 Jan 2002
this is an amazing piece of work! unbelievable!..., im speachless even, just starting map mapping myself and this has definately set the bench mark!. when i grow up i hope im just like you =)
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Whiskey 7 unregistered
#16   29 Oct 2001
snickelfritz, this is a 10 in my book.

Well done - Top map.

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snickelfritz unregistered
#15   20 Sep 2001
Thanks again for all the positive feedback.

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L.D.Ash unregistered
#14   18 Sep 2001
Just brilliant. The best CTF map I've ever played, I think. Right up there, anyway. Excellent work, Snickelfritz. I'll remember that name.
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#13   05 Sep 2001
Sweet map. Well done, snickelfritz! I gave it a 10 out of 10.
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snickelfritz unregistered
#12   04 Sep 2001
Thanks for the feedback on my concept.

The main reason I was unable to implement the additional terrain area in the midfield was due to the brush limits in the Q3MAP compiler.(16,000)

I had to remove quite a bit of geometry from flatiron in order to get it to compile.

For example, all of the ramps used to be steps, and the midfield was originally a pretty complex set of caves.

Another deciding factor in the midfield construction was vis-blocking; with the underground midfield, the bases are completely isolated from each other, and the terrains separated by a full-height skybrush running down the center of the level between the bases.

This reduced the r_speeds considerably in both bases.:)

I may try to do the lake/powerstation-thingy in another map next year.

This concept would have both overland and underground passages to the powerstation from the bases, and would be a horseshoe/figure-8 configuration.

I'm currently working on a quasi-q3dm17-style DM set in the mouth of a volcano.

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The Loader unregistered
#11   04 Sep 2001
that´s a fantastic idea snickelfritz. Combine it with some caves leading there (below water level) or implement some ruins or graveyards in the middle of the level...
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sedric unregistered
#10   03 Sep 2001
really good ideas...i play it a lot and use it when i need new ideas...

great work.


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Castle unregistered
#9   03 Sep 2001
Whats all this about water giant? hehe
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snickelfritz unregistered
#8   02 Sep 2001
Thanks for the nice compliments.


The map concept originally included an elongated lake, with outdoor, hydro-powerstation/dam for the midfield, and I may try it in my next CTF map.(Q3TA)

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#7   02 Sep 2001
One of the best CTF maps I´ve seen! You only need a high ammount of players to enjoy it.

There is a great balance between terrain and indoor environment, there is even a route that is completely indoor. The only thing I miss is a terrain route through the midfield (a canyon or something), because now midfield is indoor only.

I really love the look of that map! A very smooth gothic/stone/tech hybrid style, that looks totally different than all the gothic CTFs out there. There is a lot of detail, but kind of understated and classy, not so overdone like many of the overstyled "eye candy" maps.

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The Loader unregistered
#6   01 Sep 2001
thanks guys that´s a good one too...

big and fraggy :)

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Scoop32 unregistered
#5   01 Sep 2001
the dude means this:

<a href="www.planetquake.com/lacedneptune/" target="_blank">www.planetqua...eptune/</a>

then look for 'WaterGiant'

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...IF YOU CAN FIND IT !! unregistered
#4   01 Sep 2001
OK, so the link below doesn't work. Go here instead...

<a href="www.planetquake/lacedneptune" target="_blank">www.planetqua...neptune</a>

...and look under "personal maps" on the left hand side.

The level's called "Water Giant."

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HERE'S A BIGGER LEVEL !! unregistered
#3   01 Sep 2001
Flatiron sure is a big map, no doubt about it. But the BIGGEST Quake map I've ever played by far can be found here:

<a href="www.planetqua...tune/casdm9v1.zip" target="_blank">www.planetqua...9v1.zip</a>

Sure it's a flawed level, but it's a MASSIVELY HUGE one. If you want a map that's got land mass and heights the size of China, then grab it and literally get lost in it !!!

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The Loader unregistered
#2   01 Sep 2001
one of the best CTF levels ever !!!

really big and excellent style: 10 from me

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wviperw unregistered
#1   01 Sep 2001
this is one awesome level! Never really wanted to buy TA, so this level gave me a taste of terrain-map CTF in all its gooey goodness. :)
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