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Halls of Death (Ver 2)
Halls of Death (Ver 2) by Castle
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Castle unregistered
#3   02 Sep 2001
well this being my first CTF map I have two more. One of them is The potato and the other is Artemis temple and all 3 are pretty damn off beat..
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   02 Sep 2001
I know one of the previous versions of that map since quite a time and I always liked it, because it´s one of the very rare non-symmetrical CTFs for Q3. Also there is some very nice architecture and cool details all arround. This final version has some improvements, I like the jump pads and the changings arround the red base. But it still looks like a deathmatch map, for example the stained glass windows in the blue base are red, and in the midfield you don´t know where which team area starts and ends, quite confusing.

Hope to see some more non-symmetric maps in the future!

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Castle unregistered
#1   01 Sep 2001
This map is a revised version of my 3rd map ever made for quake 3. It was a nightmare to work on. it was a nightmare to fix and I still grit my teeth when I look at it.

I hate this level and all of its other versions...

All I can say is im glad its over

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