Use and Abuse (swelt remix)
Use and Abuse (swelt remix) by FxR|jude & swelt

Based on the Quake level, The Bad Place (DM4) and used as extensively as the original Q3A levels The Camping Grounds and Lost World in certain circles. This map was used for many CPMA tournament matches.

The changes from map_cpm3 to map_cpm3a are almost totally visual. The wall, floor, stairs, lava, trim, sky textures are changed. And performance is better than original cpm3. The bot was also changed from "Keel" to "Xaero".

Reviewed by 99ymx

Tigs notes: An extremely enjoyable classic Tourney level that was originally released in 2003, based on a level that was released in 2000! The map plays fast, but can be strategic as well. A highly recommended release.

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (7 votes)

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