ancient anything
ancient anything by Kaffeewunder

A mid size DM and TeamDM release with an Egyptian theme. The level is mostly well executed. There are the odd structural peculiarities like a small lava section with stone blocks, water that shoots out of a hole in the wall and a few more, but these can easily be skipped. What is hard to miss however is the over-saturated blue light that has been used.

Kaffeewunder states in the readme that the texture selection was difficult. So much so that custom textures have been made just for this level. This leads to the level have a unique style and aesthetic. Personally, the textures seem a little too clinical, a little too clean for an ancient temple, but they do the job.

The level is fun to play which is of course the big question. If you are going up against bots however, they do have their predictable moments and seem to enjoy the water jumppad area a little more than areas. Bots will also happily pick-up the Quad, but seldom go for the Red Armor or MegaHealth.

Well and truly worth checking out.

Note: There is also a video of Kaffeewunder playing the map under CPMA available.

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: ancient anything by Kaffeewunder