ancient anything
Title : ancient anything
mapfilename : xccc_dm1
Author : Kaffeewunder
E-mail : **email removed**
Homepage :
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size : Medium-Large

players : ffa 6 - 10; teamdm 4 - 8 ( recommened),

gametypes : ffa teamdm duel

textures : skybox - jaj_desert - ( Colin Lowndes ) | textures base on materials found at

custommusic : none

customsounds : none

tools used : notepad, netradiant, Google Sketchup 8 ,q3map2build, adobe photoshop, irfanview, paint, winrar, particle studio 2.0 beta

Thx to : rush ,bozz and my brother


About :

“ancient anything”, the title of my first xccc-maps, seems to be ironacly a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Cause it felt like ages went by, till its got into a shape thats atleast acceptable.
The most timeconsuming part was finding the right textureset, cause there were severall requirements which none of the found textures could fulfill. First i tried a mix of a Rocketarena3-textureset and socks egyptian-textureset.
Luckily, while i tried to make an early beta, i realised, that i couldnt find all shaders and textures that i used till then due the fact the most textures were part of some custom.pk3s of other maps. So i was really annoyed and
went on blockin out other stuff like a mad scientest. Few months ago, i thought, i had to finish things up, so i loaded the mapfile and saw so many things to change, than another half year went by detailling and looking for textures, I replaced some parts with terrain,
using my new gained knowledge of brushbased terrainediting and ended again in a uncomfortable feeling about the look of the map. So i started replacing all used textures with selfmade textures in a higher resolution and with a
monolithic materialset, to achieve a more uniform look. Now the map looks at least decent enough, to release it,its not the best map, but has a certain style, and plays quite nice. The map itself is a never completed temple enclosed in rocks in front of a pyramide.
“ancient anything” contain 3 atriums, and some “caves” and is played best in team deathmatch up to 8 players or free for all with atleast 6 Opponents.


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