Opposing Force
Opposing Force by PaN61

PaN61 has made a great CTF floater with great gameplay. The layout is a very square, symmetrical rotation with the only changes around the axis point being textures. This has lead to a rectangle gameplay area. Even a small area off the flag base would have helped make the arena slightly more interesting.

Personally, I found the item placement a little sparse, but all the important gameplay items are present. There is no MegaHealth, which is a bit of a shame as I think it could have mixed things up a bit, especially if it was teamed with the Red Armor. The Rail Gun is located in the center and is well positioned.

Bot gameplay is quite good and I've really enjoyed the map with only bots. The bots do fall into the void a bit, but otherwise are good to fill out the numbers. They even put up a good fight which is a nice change.

A strong and enjoyable release, start downloading.

Reviewed by CZghost

Note: A Team Arena version of this release is available.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (9 votes)

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