Annihilation by ShadoW

Annihilation is a map with a really cold feel and is surrounded by snowy mountains. It has a real tech look to it, with steel walls, units, and powered machines which give the map a very blueish look. On the lower part of the map there is a Quad which sits in the middle of blue orbs that spin around it, which gives it a feel that the Quad is being powered by them. It's looks very nice. There is a lot of glass floor where you can look through them to the metal below, and also look through it into other hallways of the map.

Some of the items take some work to get, like a RL that sits on the top of a box which requires a good jump at getting to it. There are spots in the map where you can sit above and watch someone pass below you without you being in their sight. On the edge of the outside of the map where the RA sits you can look into the mountains and RL-jump out to a metal platform that if landed wrong will throw you into the oblivion of the mountains. A lot of those spots will make a camping RG player very happy.

It's an attractive map which kind of has a Geo-feel to it also.

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Ranked: 4 out of 5 (30 votes)

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