The Rage
The Rage by Foralarx

The Rage is a remake of ztn2dm3, which is a map that was made by Sten "ztn" Uusvali for Quake 2. There has been a lot of remake maps that have been made over the years, and when I saw this one being made I went a bit crazy at playing it over and over as I've played the original a ridiculous amount of times.

The gameplay in Q3 on the map really makes the map shine. A lot more can be done on this version for Q3 then what could ever be done in Q2, especially when it comes to playing against bots.

The layout is purely matched, yet the weapon and item layout have been changed in ways, though pulled off very tasteful. There are a few spots that give the abilities to double jump with ProMode enabled in OSP/CPMA up to the RG, to the RL, or across from the RL to the PG. The map has vQ3 written all over it though also, as I can truthfully see this becoming a big map for online gameplay for everyone.

The last and greatest part of the map is that it comes in two flavors!! The first version of the map has been done using the EQ2 textures from evillair, and it gives it a real Strogg Q2 feel that the original never possessed. The second version is a straight Q3 styled and textured looking map. The two different version are essentially the same map, but have different textures and different item and weapon layouts from each other. The EQ2 version has a GA for ProMode gameplay. They are both equally fun to play, and you can hear the tones of the Strogg sound from Q2 bellowing in the background of them which is great!

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