Revenga! by Strahlemann

Revenga is an industrial environment map that has walkways that go under and around a gigantic machine which scrapes the sky. The height of the map is very tall as you can see the machine which has blinking lights along with angles and moving parts which give it a look that seems to be a big generator of sorts. It's actually quite gigantic, and to reach the upper parts would definitely require a grappling hook.

The sky is clouded with moments of flashing from the thunder and lighting, which he also has included the sounds to complete the effects of it. You can really tell a lot of work went into this map. The bots play the map very well, along with watching one RL-jump up to the YA is very nicely done.

The use of angles with the detail put into it is what really amazes me, along with the layout which connects within itself without being too wide open.

There is no other maps that looks like this one, and it gives a fresh new look and feeling. I say it's a keeper.

Reviewed by v1l3

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (35 votes)

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