Revenga! by Strahlemann
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raspatan Rep. 4054
#10   25 Sep 2020
I concur with other comments. The design of this map is truly amazing. What an effort by the mapper this one was. A masterful showoff of Radiant skills.
Yet, quake 3 is ultimately about gameplay and to me this is nothing special on that regard. Moving around is not that simple as there are many corners and brushes on the way (for instance trying to get one of the YA is far from trivial). The homogeneous tones of the map also might confuse the player. There seems to be a Quad somewhere. Couldn't figure it out. Some item placement looks odd too (like location of the RG and of the lone RG ammo).
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Marilyn Klocke Rep. 26
#9   28 Jun 2017
this map is awesome
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FragTastic Rep. 2221
#8   14 Feb 2012
@fKd: Agreed! :).
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fKd Rep. 350
#7   13 Feb 2012
prolly my favorite map of all time... a true work of art.
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FragTastic Rep. 2221
#6   12 Feb 2012
Wow! I cant believe I am seeing this with my own eyes. This map is LEGENDARY!. The Textures are Magnificent and Gameplay is Terrific. Brushwork is Outstanding. 9.5/10
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Hooyaah Rep. 529
#5   14 Feb 2010
Edited: 14 Feb 2010 AEST
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k unregistered
#4   23 Dec 2008
master of radiant!!! 10+
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Kaleo unregistered
#3   31 Jan 2008
Looks very "Strogg"
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Rota Rep. 100
#2   16 Jan 2008
I agree, Its quite original.. but my fps is low.. :(
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This level looks Awesome unregistered
#1   15 Dec 2007
Love the massive futuristic industrial feel, stunning architectire - gigantic!
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