Annihilation by ShadoW
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tonline_kms65 unregistered
#9   09 Nov 2020
I couldn't find you to leave a comment. Finally found it.
I liked this map, remade it for Counter-Strike:Source
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obstroc unregistered
#8   27 Feb 2015
simply top notch
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#7   07 Jan 2012
Shadows maps are plain wicked.
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AEon Rep. 760
#6   23 Aug 2009
Very beautiful techy style map. Take a moment to actually enjoy the architecture, you get used to it very quickly, until you wonder how was that actually done, amazing stuff.

Nitpicking on a high level: The angled JP looks weird, does not really fit the quality of the rest of the map, IMO. The bots cannot access the RL (it's on a box). The RG TP teleports the player near the top of a JP, where usually heavy fighting happens with the bots, I got telefragged there several times.

Do not be distracted by the above, this map is a definite download, and very much fun to play against bots.

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Mj unregistered
#5   16 Mar 2008
Excellent map and looks very good. I Like the quad location with the light effects....:)
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ShadoW_86 unregistered
#4   04 Jan 2008
I buuilded this map with:
Amd Athlon 2500XP+
512 SD Ram
Radeon 9200 SE
So it's worse from yours :) (now fortunatly I have new hardware:))
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Foralarx unregistered
#3   03 Jan 2008
Had this map for sometime. Unfortunately on my system...

AMD Athlon 2600XP+
1 GB 7200 SD Ram
Geforce GS6800 256MB Ram

It chuggs a little with everything turned up. But if you have a newer system you should be rocking on this map.

Congrats on the 500 downloads Shadow.

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plasma unregistered
#2   30 Dec 2007
This map has a great level architecture. I'm not able to give a straight professional comment, because I'm not a level makr, but i like the fast gameplay and the quad teleporter. -[ -_- ]-
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ShadoW Rep. 67
#1   19 Dec 2007
Thanks for review! :)
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