Title : Annihilation
Pak name : q3shw20
Autor : ShadoW (Poland)
contact : **email removed**
* info *

Single Player : no
Tournament : If you like big tournament maps
Deathmatch : yes
Team : yes
Ctf : no
* Construction *
Programs :GtkRadiant-1.4, Winrar, Notpad, Q3map2 , IrfanView

Build time : I started this map maybe two years before :). But I wasn't mapping anythin during this time, until few months ago, I launched Radiant again :).
Based on : nothing
Brushes : 4982
Entities : 569
new textures : yes
new sounds : no
new models : no

Items : RL x 2 RA x 1
SG x 1 YA x 1
PG x 1 MH x 1
RG x 1
Gl x 1

* How run it *

Place q3shw20.pk3 in your quake3/baseq3 directory.
In game go to console and type 'map q3shw20'
* My other maps *

Quake III :

1) q3shw1:Ten pierwszy raz (This first time)
2) q3shw2:Za wolno frajerze... (Too slow sucker)
3) q3shw3:Frag-ment (Frag-ment)
4) q3shw4:Katedra (Cathedral)
5) q3shw5:Dom (House)
6) q3shw6:Szko³a (School)
7) q3shw7:Wysokie napiêcie (High voltage)
8) q3shw8:Gdy nie ma nadziei (When ther's no hope)
9) q3shw9:Bez wyjœcia (No escape)
10) q3shw10:Czarna wie¿a (Black tower)
11) q3shw11:Orientuj siê (Be knowledgeable)
12) q3shw12:Pora umieraæ (Time to die)
13) q3shw13:Miasto (City)
14) q3shw14:Memento Mori (Memento Mori)
15) q3shw15:Wysokie napiêcie II (High voltage II)
16) q3shw16:Dotyk œmierci (Touch of death)
17) q3shw17:Empty words
18) q3shw18:Holy blood
19) q3shw19:Time to die (Remix)

xx) shw_100b:100 brushes
xx) shw_q3dm17:Q3dm17 conversion by ShadoW

You can download some of this map from:
* BiG Thx for: *

- Id software - for Q.
- Ydnar ( for qmap2
- Kris Hagedoorn ( for textures
- Kevin 'Rorshach' Johnstone (**email removed**) for textures


It has been quite long time since my last map :). Lets say that I simply lost interesting in mapping and games generaly. But nothing last forever, and so here I am, and my 'new/old' map too. Two years ago a had few mapping projects, but never finished them. This map is only one from my past , wchich I managed to bring to end (not mentioning how long was that). Its quite big/open map, mainly to some Team DM, and of course ffa. Personaly, I even played this map in 1v1 mode (I like big tourney maps), so I advise you to try it too, especialy with CPMA. Right at the moment I would like to create some SP Q4 level, so I'm not shure if there will be any other q3 map in future, but who know what is going to happen in next two years :).
'have fun, and play Q forever'